Why Some Talented Nigerians Don’t Become Celebrities

There are a lot of talented people who are stuck in that spot. They are extremely talented but their careers are stuck. They are not celebrities, stars or idols. These people are just known to be talented, which is nothing really because talent is cheap as they come.

The entertainment industry is swamped with people with talent. Everywhere you go there are people of talent. It is the most common commodity in the business. Unfortunately, not every talented person transcends into super stardom.

Let’s get to the crux of the problem. Why do some talented people become stars and others get stuck? As I have written earlier that talent is nothing. We all have talent. There is no talentless person in the world.

People’s perception of talent is the problem. Talent is the conveyor. It is meant to take you to a place where all your dreams are fulfilled. Talent is not an end itself, it is the means to an end.

Just having talent won’t turn you into a star. Aspiring singers, and actors should know this. Stars and celebrities are not famous because they have talent. They are famous because people want to be like them, they want to emulate their lifestyles and that is because their personalities are believable.

People want to be like Wizkid not because he has hit singles. People want to be like him because they want his lifestyle. They want to be cool, dress fly, hang around Chris Brown and date hot women.


This is the key to being a celebrity. You have to make people want to be you. You must be attractive enough for people to envy your lifestyle. That is what being a celebrity is. It really has nothing to do with talent. Talent is just an added bonus.

A good example of a celebrity is the Latina actress Sofia Vergara. She is the most famous actor on the hit comedy series ‘Modern Family’. She is one of the highest paid actresses on US television. Here comes the interesting part, the other actors on ‘Modern Family’ are better actors than her. They also had better training as actors. Sofia Vergara however is more famous than all of them. Why? She is a hot sexy actress that women want to be like and men want to date. Her personality is a commodity that can be sold.

The singer Orezi had a fantastic debut album released last year. Unfortunately there isn’t much buzz about him because he isn’t a celebrity. He doesn’t have an attractive personality that people want to have. There is nothing to hold on to. Think about Davido and you can see the difference.

It has nothing to do with wealth but charm, mystery and attraction. A star or celebrity must have these three things to lure people to him or her. Without it a talented person remains a talented person and that is just it.

The X factor, that charming, mysterious personality is what movie producers and label owners look for before working with a talent.

This is the reason why you see some talented people who can’t transcend into superstardom. Without a sell-able personality talent is just talent.



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