21 Ways To Comfort Your Woman When Crying

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Men are considered to be the strength of women. It means that they should be ready to protect and listen to the problems when it`s needed. It`s natural for women to be heard of their problems. How to comfort a girlfriend when she is crying? In this article, you might find few best ways to comfort a girlfriend when she is sad!

It`s not an easy task to be a woman! Therefore, everybody has their problems, but women have them in double as they are very emotional. It means that they are quite easy burst out in tears when everything goes wrong. Still, a man should be able to comfort a crying girlfriend. It might not be easy, but it totally needed.

1. Verbal comforting!

Verbal comforting!

2. What`s wrong?

The first logical step in the idea of how to comfort a girlfriend is to ask about the reasons for her sadness. Nevertheless, do not send your opinion upon the situation. Do not try to comment on her actions or judge them as you can make things worse. The main point in the first step is to try to listen. If she does not tell you, then do not push her. She will tell if you use suitable words, like show her that her discomfort and sadness also troubles you. It`s necessary to use some strategies to convince her to cry out her problem.

3. Support

You might not agree with her about the position of her sadness. Still, if you have a desire to comfort a crying girlfriend, then you might need to keep your opinion. Do not judge and be supportive. You might also tell her that it`s quite normal to cry when she is sad. You might need to help her to remind about her personality slightly. Try to tell how strong she is and encourage her to keep going. Do not try to make your point right now! Nobody is asking your opinion! Remember – she is strong, and courage to tell you about her problems and you are grateful for her trust!

Express your feelings

4. Express your feelings

Stay positive and try to make it personal if you want to give a message to comfort a girlfriend. Assure her that you fully understand her problems and wish that the situation would take a turn. Still, you need to express your feelings to her. If she sees that you fully understand the problem or at least trying to do it sincerely – she will feel quite relieved. It`s necessary to have a person in the world who can understand and be supportive of her. If you are that person, then you know how to comfort a girlfriend.

5. No advice is needed

Most people are stuck with their problems or sad about their situation because there is no easy way to get through. If your girlfriend is sad about some situations, then it can be quite a problem. She might have thought about the situation for many times and she tried to find an exit. Therefore, you might not need to give her advice instantly. You just need to assure her that you fully understand the situation and can be supportive when it`s needed. If you have a desire to comfort your girlfriend, then you just need to abstain from giving her any piece of advice right away.

Empathy is needed

6. Empathy is needed

If you want to comfort a girlfriend, then you need to validate her emotions. Help her to get through the situation that happened with her via emotional background. It`s quite necessary to understand what a girl wants regarding to emotions. Help her to be open about the feelings that she expresses. As it was mentioned earlier, women are emotional creatures. They are not very rational regarding logic. Some might say that there is a special women`s type of logic. Still, it does not mean that you can`t understand it. Just try to follow some simple rules to acquire it. You need to try to comfort her with words. Lure out her emotions and sympathy. When she feels that you are the right guy to provide her protection and can listen to her, you will be rewarded greatly. Still, do not get cocky and try to make her emotional run first.

7. Positive direction

Women like men who can make her smiling. She is perfectly able to be sad by herself. Therefore, when you are trying to be supportive to her, you need also to send some positive waves into her direction. She can be looking for your advice. Do not try to spoil the moment and listen to the problem carefully. A stupid joke can perfectly ruin the whole atmosphere you managed to create up to this moment. There are chances that you can perfectly ruin everything. Still, in the matter of giving her your personal advice to the situation, you need to play nicely and do not get the judging tone.

No minimising of the problem

8. No minimising of the problem

You can`t tell her that the problems that she is facing right are nothing to compare to the global problems. It`s quite easy to say that there are people with larger problems in the world, but you need to understand that her problems at this very moment are the most important. Moreover, if you value your relationships with this woman, then you need to make sure that she understands that you are the right guy for her. This very moment you shouldn`t look down to her problem. You shouldn`t also avoid it if you want to comfort a girlfriend.

9. No judging tone

People have a tendency to criticise others problems even if they do not know the very deep essence of the problem. Try not to be this kind of guy if you have a desire to know how to comfort your girlfriend when she is sad. Judging tone will make things worse. Even if you are logically right about the situation – you shouldn`t give her that she is not right. Remember – you are her boyfriend. No matter the situation – you shouldn`t take another side! It`s quite risky for your life, no mention your relationships.

Do not pick sides

10. Do not pick sides

You might misunderstand the meaning of support that she needs. You shouldn`t say that she is totally right about the question, but you shouldn`t also say that she is wrong. Your judging is not needed. It`s necessary that you can support and comfort her. She will understand where she is not right and will give her opinion on the matter later. Right now – she is pretty sad, and you are the guy who can give her comfort. If you manage not to give her comfort, then she will try to find this comfort with her friends and even other guys. It`s not a result which you have a desire to achieve. Therefore, be patient and supportive when it`s needed.

11. Help her!

You are a man in the house, and she expects you to be her support not only by the nominal meaning of this word. Therefore, you need to show her how well you understand this problem. It`s necessary that you can find an answer to almost any question. Ladies are not that independent as they want to be. Somewhere deep in their heart they just want to be little girls. Therefore, you need to be their big daddies who can come and solve any problem that she has in mind. It means that you have to be a man to comfort a woman. If you can`t do this, she may find another person who might be able to show necessary qualities of a man that she wants to see.

 12. Comfort a girlfriend physically
Comfort a girlfriend physically

13. Patience

She might need some time to be alone to live through her moments of sadness. Still, you might need to accompany her. If she is not ready to say why she is sad, then you need to be patient and wait until she gives you information straight away. Nevertheless, it does not mean that you should passively wait until she starts speaking. Try to act when it`s possible. You can provide you with some gifts. Maybe she likes coffee in the morning, then bring her a cup of nice expresso. She might continue to keep silence, but she will notice how you treat her when she is not ready to talk. Try to show her how gentle and supportive you are when she is sad, angry or upset.

14. Physical contact

According to some researches, the whole woman`s body can be treated as a super sensitive zone. It`s not surprising as they have twice more nerve connections than men. It means that they can feel at least twice much pain and comfort. Nevertheless, it can work to your side if you want to comfort a girlfriend. Try to hold her hands for some time, rub her neck or try some massage. Still, you don`t know what kind of technique can work with her. You need to show love and intimacy with touching, so she can be able to feel that you are near to her to support her. Holding hands can be a great stress reliever. It`s also a sign of trust and security.

Physical contact

15. Hugging

You will surely would like to hug her as she also desires the same. Do not make any attempts to make love. You will get only negative response to any types of your showing affection right now. The only answer to you is to find some comfort place for her and release your emotions in hugging. Hugging will also help her to feel protected and safe. High sense of security may also help her to open to you. Who knows? Simple hugging may become something more open and revealed.

16. No pushing

You might want to kiss her, and it`s pretty common desire amongst men. Still, you don`t need to push her as if she has a desire to kiss you she will surely do that. You don`t need to push her to kiss you as you can only damage the picture about you in her mind. She is in struggle and pain and instead of comforting her – you push her to kiss you or make love. It`s not a time to do that. She needs some time to feel secure. If you make her make love with you while she said, she might not think that she is secured around you. You can perfectly lose her and destroy relationships if you do that.

Take her on date

17. Take her on date

She is pretty upset about the situation. Therefore, she needs you to take her out to make her feel better and feel fun. One of the best ways to comfort a girlfriend is to take her on the date. Try to make her feel a woman. You might ask her for a date into a nice restaurant. It`s going to be a nice solution as she will be distracted from anything else. It`s a nice occasion for her to wear a beautiful dress and have a nice meal. She will feel that she is a lady. Therefore, you might get something in return when she feels better.

18. Weekend

If you have a desire to make your girlfriend happy, then you might try something new on the weekend. How about a nice trip somewhere? You can to the park and take a basket with fruits. You can also take a bottle of good wine and make a romantic evening to her. She will appreciate all your trying to comfort her. When your girlfriend is upset, she feels needed. Even if she does not tell you that she needs it, you might need to insist on being make this kind of date for her. She needs to be felt needed, you are a man, so you should show her that she is not alone with her problems. The best way to show that is to make her feel a woman on the date. You may need to comfort her in many ways.

Vacation and surprise

19. Vacation

If you have some time to take a rest and money to get somewhere nice, then you need to take a vacation. If your girlfriend is sad, then a vacation trip somewhere can make her day. She will quickly forget about everything sad in her life and will be bothered with having a nice trip together with you. Nevertheless, you need to find a right time to announce her that news as she might not be in the mood to receive it.

20. Surprise

If you have a desire to comfort your girlfriend, then you might need to give her some surprise. It might be something that she wants right now. It will show her how much you love her. You can organise an evening with her friends or relatives that will also help her to feel that you pay attention and have a desire to be with her.

21. Gifts

You may need to provide some gifts to her that she can feel comfort. It shouldn`t be something precious, like diamonds. Nevertheless, you may need to find something interesting, that she might feel that you pay attention to her needs. You may buy some fruits for her as it`s quite comforting to her to eat something. Still, do not try something with many calories. You may not know when she is on a diet. Therefore, do not try to tempt your fate if you don`t know her favourite chocolates or you don`t know whether she is on a diet.


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