25 Reasons North Korea Is The Most Ridiculous Dictatorship Ever

25 reasons north korea is the mo

Brutal, immature, comical, strange, and disillusioned would probably be some of the adjectives people think of when asked to describe the leadership in North Korea. We’ll take that a step further. Here are 25 reasons North Korea is the most ridiculous dictatorship ever.
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The World Food Programme estimates that 6 million of North Korea’s 25 million people are in need of food aid or are chronically malnourished.

Nearly 2 million people died as a result of a famine in 1990 cause by poor government farming policies.

There have even been reports that several regions have turned to cannibalism.

All North Koreans must abide by one of 28 state approved haircuts

Only military and government officials can own motor vehicles

North Korea actually recieves a small amount of defectors from other nations. These include 6 American soldiers from after the Korean War.

A few soldiers even decided to stay in North Korea after being released from POW camps

North Korea has one of the largest armies in the world, surpassed only by India, China, and the United States

In fact, North Korea spends about one third of its national income on the military.

The border between North Korea and South Korea is one of the most militarized in the world.

Kim Jong-Un’s brother Kim Jong-Nam is known for bizarre behavior. In 2001 he was arrested in a Japanese airport on a fake Dominican passport under the name Pang Xiong which literally translates to “fat bear”. He told authorities he was trying to go to Disneyland afterwhich he ended up being exiled to China. This is why Jim Jong Un is now the supreme leader instead.

Here’s a fun fact about Kim: he went to boarding school in Switzerland where his classmates say he was obsessed with basketball but not very bright.

The North Korean military dug tunnels into South Korean territory. Before they got discovered they painted the sides of the tunnels black and claimed they were digging for coal.

In 1978 Kim Jong-Il kidnapped a South Korean film director in Hong Kong to jump start North Korea’s film industry. The director managed to escape 8 years later during a film festival in Vienna.

The most famous film to be produced as a result of his kidnapping was a Godzilla ripoff called Pulgasari in which a small rice doll grows into a huge mythical creature that helps the peasants of the land overthrow their monarch. Kim Jong-Il was executive producer.

According to Kim Jong-Il’s official biography he was born on Mount Paektu under a double rainbow as a new star appeared in the sky.

He also supposedly learned to walk at 3 weeks old, corrected his elementary school teachers while in class, and ended up writing over 1500 books.

Did we mention that he shot a 38 under par on the national golf course before retiring from the sport because he couldn’t do any better. No wonder he’s supreme leader.

Despite all this he was deathly afraid of flying and would only travel around the country in armored trains stopping at stations built specifically for him. One Russian diplomat described how he had lobster airlifted to his train everyday

Nearly a quarter million North Koreans live in prison camps surrounded by electrified fencing

All legal televisions are tuned to state-controlled domestic programming

North Korea has a vast network of informants who monitor their fellow citizens and report to authorities. Unauthorized access to TV broadcasts has been punished by execution.

The only internet is a closed domesting network although visitors are allowed 3G access

School children must provide their own desks and chairs. And the money to pay for heating.

North Korea gets most of its funding from providing weapons and narcotics to terror groups and rogue nations. It is also one of the largest counterfeiters of US dollar bills.


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