25 Romantic Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

I love you: Those three little words can take weeks, months or even years to say – no matter how much you care about someone.

You’ve seen it done in the movies, on TV shows, in books and you’ve even uttered it in past relationships. But when it comes to saying it with someone new, it can feel just like the first time. Is it too early? Too late? The right time? The right setting? Will they say it back?

It’s also three of the most beautiful words a person can utter or hear. We dug around for 20 meaningful love quotes from poems, books, movies and songs that are just as powerful as the beautiful phrase itself.

We know ‘I love you‘ isn’t always easy to say. And depending on your relationship, sometimes you don’t know exactly how or when to do it. That’s why we looked to Maya Angelou, Jay Z and Woody Allen for some assistance on conveying something so incredibly meaningful. We hope these heartwarming lines, from rock stars, raconteurs and other romantics will provide the inspiration you need to express how you really feel to the one you love. Here are our favorite ways to say those three little words.

Your handy guide to help you expand your romantic “I love you” vocabulary!

Marriage and relationship experts agree on the importance of communicating love to our partners often and in a variety of forms. In his New York Times bestseller The 5 Love Languages, Gary Chapman makes a strong case for spouses learning to communicate love to one another in many forms. Not the least of these is through the spoken and written word. “I love you.” It’s vital these three important words be conveyed regularly and often to keep a relationship healthy and strong.

Refer to this handy list of romantic sayings the next time you’re looking for a special phrase to personalize a purchased greeting card, add variety to a love letter or email, include in a text, write on a bathroom mirror or use in a note tucked inside a book.

And here you will find 25 more! You’re welcome! 

1. You, sweetheart, are my one and only.

2. You take my breath away.

3. Lovingly yours.

4. With you, forever won’t be too long.

5. To the world’s best wife!

6. When I see you, I think “Good job, God!”

7. You are the love of my life!

8. It’s awesome to spend my life with you!

9. Love you, sweetheart!

10. I treasure you.

11. I adore you.

12. Sweetheart, you stir my soul!

13. I’m head over heels for you.

14. I cherish you.

15. You turn me on!

16. Life is incomplete without you.

17. To the one I love:

18. We were made for each other!

19. You’re my soulmate and the love of my life.

20. You’re one hot babe!

21. I’m looking forward to spending the rest of our lives together!

22. Sweetheart, you add peace, subtract sorrow and multiply joy in my life!

23. I can’t even conceive of life without you.

24. The best thing in life is spelled Y-O-U!

25. You, my love, are my inspiration.

Take advantage of this cheat sheet often to broaden your romantic vocabulary! Your partner will feel special and cherished as you speak or write your love for her with carefully chosen romantic phrases.

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