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3 Common Mistakes Everyone Does When Using Toilet Paper!!

If you often suffer from urinary or genital infections, the reason may be that you’ve been using toilet paper wrong. Unfortunately, many are unaware that improper use of toilet paper is in fact improper hygiene that often leads to infections.

There are several mistakes that you may not be aware of, and yet you make all the time. These mistakes are not harmless, and can cause an infection and/or irritation.

Here’s how you should use the toilet paper in the right way:

  1. You sit on the toilet for too long.

Sometimes, you sit on the toilet for too long, which can lead to formation of piles due to the fact that you are constantly straining.

Try to avoid doing this often or at least take breaks from sitting on the toilet by getting up and walking a little.

  1. You wipe yourself excessively.

In this case, the rule ‘less is more’ applies. Toilet paper actually irritates the perianal skin, thus leading to irritation and itching.Wiping yourself twice is enough. But, if you do need to wipe yourself more, it means that you haven’t emptied your bowels completely. Always use soft toilet paper without additional fragrance and colors, because it is less irritating to the skin. Using water to remove the fecal residues is also highly advisable.

  1. You wipe yourself in the wrong direction.

Many women unsuspectingly make this mistake after urinating – they wipe themselves from back to front, thus transferring bacteria from the rectum to the urethra.

Unlike men, women’s urethra is far shorter, so the bacteria quickly and easily reach the bladder and cause various infections.


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