3 Easy Ways Nigerians Can Make Money Through The Internet.

How social media can help your business
Since Facebook listed on the stock exchange, everyone has decided to have a piece of the action.
While more than 90 percent of the world’s population stays interested in posting selfies on the internet, a few savvy entrepreneurs are seeking creative ways to deploy social media recognition for their businesses.
1. Link your accounts to the company Website
Sharing a direct link from any of the social media pages to the company website gives people an opportunity to make quick contact with your profile and easily learn more about the organisation.
2.  Create valuable content
There are over 3 billion social media accounts around the globe. If you want your target market to focus on your page, then the content you share has to be thoroughly researched and authentic. Promoting great content positions your business and website as credible, and fetches more customers and income.
3. Interact with people
When people talk to you in real life, chances are high that you will respond. It’s the same with social media. Engaging with friends or followers show that you are interested in their opinion and value their input. As much as possible, let people know you are open to conversations and watch your timeline come to life.
4. Boost your accounts
Using keywords related to your core message, is an important way to optimize your social media accounts. Do some research on the phrases that clients associate with your field of business and make use of them as often as possible in your posts.
5.  Include Social Icons in emails
If you send out emails all day long, then this one great way to get the word out on the services you offer. With social media icons embedded in an email, recipients who want further information are most likely to going to click on a tab to explore your pages and website

In this article,, Africa’s largest hotel booking portal presents tips on how to increase your social media presence and help your business grow like wildflowers.


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