3 Health Issues Sitting For Too Long Causes

Woman with back pain

Sitting for prolonged hours has been revealed to do the body more harm than good.

There’s a reason exercising is advised (as it benefits the body). Exercising the body helps pump blood round the body as well as keep the organs active and the overall health in top shape.

Sitting for hours on end does the body a lot of harm from damaging the bones, affecting the internal organs and more, these three reasons are enough to get up and go!

1. Back and Neck Pain

Sitting for too long, reports show causes damage to the muscles, bones, tendons and ligaments which affects the neck and lower back regions as the part gets tender with each prolonged sitting.

It’s best to move around, exercise and more to make sure the bones, tendons, ligaments are in perfect working shape.

2. Heart Disease

The heart gets clogged if it’s not healthy! Low blood flow is a way for fats and plaque to clog the heart which causes a rise in cholesterol level causing high blood pressure.

Sitting for hours on end also affects the internal organs since the heart won’t be able to pump blood properly to all the other parts of the body.

3. A Rise In Sugar Level

Sitting for a long time can cause the pancreas to produce more insulin which ultimately leads to diabetes.

Studies show how people who live a sedentary life have an increased risk of diabetes as well as impaired  glucose tolerance.



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