3 Services That Will Automate Household Chores

In the modern age, we are finding more and more excuses to combat the dreaded household chores. From lawn and yard work to window cleaning and vacuuming, many busy professionals everywhere are crying out for similar time-saving and convenient solutions which washing machines and dishwashers have brought to our lives.

To our fortune, there are surprisingly hassle-free methods to integrate into our lives which can see us banish time-restrictive household chores once and for all.

Lawn and Yard Work

Weekends should be a time of relaxation and kicking back, not mowing your lawn, de-weeding, and heavy yard chores. Thankfully, there are services like Lawnstarter which provide accredited and insured professionals to take care of your needs via an on-demand app. Mowing, bush trimming, fertilization and much more are covered, allowing you to customize your requirements and schedule, pay and review through an easy to use app.

Lawn and yard work generally ranks among the most detested of our household chores, and for good reason. After all, it only takes one unfortunate gardening accident to convince most of us that we are not the jack of all trades we would like to think. Having the readily available combination of professional services and convenience when it comes to yard work should seal the deal.

Laundry and Dry Cleaning

Ok, so automatic, front-loading washing machines and tumble driers have brought inarguable convenience to households. Imagining just how laborious the process of washing by hand would be in the modern age is enough to thank our lucky stars we are alive today. Still, the daily process of washing and drying is something which eats into valuable time which could be spent elsewhere, as most of us know.

Thankfully, there are services now dedicated to taking this thankless chore out of your hands. Many operators now provide customers with a washing, drying, dry-cleaning and sorting services via an app or an online site. If having your clothes picked up by a valet, cleaned and then folded before being returned to you at your property within 24 hours, sites such as Cleanly, or FlyCleaners, are good places to start.


While entrusting robots to carry out household chores is still a point of contention for many, robot-vacuum cleaners are steadily becoming more common. They can save time and may be positive additions to your home given that you can program many via an app while you catch up on that series or complete your dreaded tax-return. If the concept of simply pushing a few buttons and leaving the room while your puck-shaped robot takes care of your vacuuming needs is appealing, you will find that they do come with downsides.

Robotic vacuum cleaners have common problems with mobility, and many are incapable of cleaning stairs, couches or hard-to-reach surfaces. Costs vary, but these helpful little bots do not come cheap. If you are considering adding a high-end robot vacuum to your arsenal of home-chore weaponry, expect to pay as much as $1,000 for the privilege.


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