3 Things You Should Not Worry About In A Relationship

Relationships require compromises and conscious efforts by both partners to remain together.

Partners need to look for ways to play on their strengths, enjoy and treasure every moment spent together and look out for issues that could potentially ruin the relationship.

While there are many relationship problems to watch out for, the three listed below should not trouble you in any way.

1. Friendship with your partner’s friends

Your partner’s friends cannot always be your friend, and you might not to even get along with them no matter how hard you try.

All you need with your partner’s friends is cordiality

It’s wrong to push yourself so hard in order to get their acceptance or approval; they do not have to like you and you do not need to be part of your partner’s friends circle.

All that is required of you is politeness and cordiality, and that’s all.

2. Jealousy

A reasonable amount of jealousy in a relationship should not bother you – as a matter of fact, it is usually desirable.

Loving someone and needing to be exclusive with them always brings about this slight unease when their relations with someone else are becoming a little too much and that is totally natural.

Keeping it at a reasonable level is very important though.

3. Body count

Judging someone’s worth by their body count is not too sensible, and no matter what the answer to this question is, you shouldn’t be bothered.

That pretty, interesting, funny, witty and intelligent guy or girl is still the same person who caught your interest, and hearing about the number of people they’ve been with before meeting you should not change how you see them.

It is actually better to skip the question altogether if you know there’s a chance that the answer might bother you.


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