3 Things To Consider Before Buying A Jean

There’s no point going on and on about the importance of jeans to man, both male and female. It is the most common item you’ll find in any wardrobe, young or old (well, till you reach a certain age).

Asides the comfort and durability, that it can be worn to almost any occasion is perhaps why most cant do without ypes of jeansowning a couple. However, it isn’t enough to know the newest designs from your favourite label or to get a particular style currently trending.

There are a number of factors to consider while purchasing a pair of jeans some of which are:

Knowing your body type

The first place many go wrong is failing to understand their body type, such that even though they buy the most expensive pair of jeans, it doesn’t quite fit. Are you muscular, fleshy or just in between? These are things to know so you don’t buy jeans that are too loose or too tight.

The fit

Do not join the band wagon whenever there is a particular trend because what works for Tom might not work for Jerry. Get jeans that’ll project your best features and match your body type at the same time. This means skinny jeans aren’t for everybody neither are boot cuts.

The colour

Some tend to stick with a certain colour when it comes to jeans forgetting that variety is the spice of life. Asides adding a bit more colour to your jeans collection, your physique matters too. People on the bigger side do darker colours as it give a slimmer appearance.

Whatever the occasion make sure to buy jeans that match.


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