3 Ways To Survive In Lagos If You Have Just One Low Source Of Income

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The world’s biggest human asset counseling firm, Mercer as of late appraised Lagos as the thirteenth most costly city on the planet.

Abuja is the following Nigerian city in the rating possessing the twentieth position. This leaves the saying, that Lagos is the most costly city to live in Nigeria.

It is unargueable that the typical cost for basic items in Lagos is high to the point that living in Lagos is in itself a challenge for low-pay workers.

However, despite the daily challenges Lagos brings our ways, it is still possible to live in this great city with a low salary. Here’s how to go about it.

1. Have another source of income

It is very difficult to survive in Lagos with one income source. Even high salary earners complain about living in Lagos let alone someone who earns less than 60k per month.

As a low-income earner, having two or three streams of income isn’t a bad idea so long you can juggle them.

2. Avoid unnecessary spending

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You really don’t need to spend your money on things that won’t fetch you more money as a low-income earner. Remember you are not making enough money already.

Spend on what you need and not what you want. Avoid impulse buying and don’t ever try to be what you are not. Spend within your means and don’t go broke trying to look rich. If you spend your money anyhow, Lagos won’t hesitate to treat you anyhow.

3. Learn to go the distance

Transportation is one of the things Lagosians spend their money on the most. You can reduce the money you spend on this.

This is not to encourage anyone to trek a very long distance because you want to save and survive in Lagos. No!

What I am saying basically is that you can save money if you choose to trek some trekkable distances rather than taking a tricycle or motorcycle.


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