3 Ways To Turn Your Teaching Job Into Money.

how do you raise up your teaching job streams to ensure you have a good take-home at the end of the month? Here are three ways, that I feel could work for anyone based on my few years of teaching experience.

Identify weak students:

Find out those academically weak students in your classroom and talk to their parents on extra tutoring.  It pays, it works.

After my secondary school education in 2003, I moved to Lagos and was teaching in a private secondary school that belongs to my big mummy. I first taught in primary 4 along with a guy who is one dedicated teacher. But in spite of his teaching skills and talents, all he earns is peanuts that can hardly support most private school teachers. I thought most teachers are like this until a lady teacher left and I was taken to primary two class where I met an Igbo guy who showed me the money in teaching. 

Together with him, we started what we called “Extra class, inside the normal class”. Lol!

Here, we singled out weak students and wrote to their parents of our intention to give them extra tutoring during break times.

Well, Nothing special here- We only teach what has been taught in the main class over again under 20mins. We gave them another classwork and there were great improvements with this.

The Idea is there are some students who are slow learners, and you have to teach them over and over again before they could understand and catch up. This is the technique behind this, and we produced students with more than 70% who passed successfully to the surprise of their parents compared to past records.

The gains?

More than half of the parents enrolled their kids at #1,000 in a term, in a class of 40. That is like an additional 10k each for the two of us, plus our 8k salary. Lol

Also, Students often bring bread, and other food items like milk, spaghetti, Clothes from their parents, for us as gifts. This is a great motivation.

2 Add Special Knowledge Skills:

Don’t be like the everyday teacher if you want to make money from teaching. The truth is that almost everyone can teach common things, but it takes special teachers to teach special things with special skills. So, read and reach more for special subjects that are desirable.

Special school subjects at Nursery school level are Mathematics, English, French, Computer Knowledge, Music, Arabic, E.t.c

Schools are in dire need of teachers in these subjects and anyone who can teach them well can make additional income and use wisdom to make more from teaching, unlike others.

In addition to few of the above, and at the Secondary school level, subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Accounting, Government often also require special teachers to teach, and that’s why you find students blaming their school teacher as one reason for not being their best in certain subjects.

How do you make money as a special teacher?

I taught Mathematics to JSS2 kids during my NYSC days and it was an eye-opener to the opportunities available to teaching maths for money.

Of a fact, More than 50% of students don’t do well in Mathematics because it requires critical thinking, yet it is a compulsory subject that must be passed at all level, of both primary and Secondary school education and sometimes till the University.

Realizing this, I started an after school classes with a girl whose parent requested for such offer at 5k monthly, this is almost 1/4 of my Allawii (19,800) and this is just for few days and less than 2hrs daily.

After school hours, I also tutor a boy for GCE Preparation in only Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics at 12k.   Now, I’m earning almost what the Government pays me.

“Do you just say, it’s been long that  I left those subjects o? Lol! I understand”.

I didn’t find them easy too but I tried. I bought 3 Comprehensive textbooks on the 3 subjects and started reading them like I’m doing self-study myself and I only met my student to teach what I have learned too. It becomes easier that way.

Another way to earn special is by teaching Special subjects in schools at different times.

Most French or Music teachers that I know, teach in different schools, using different days. They teach in school A for 2hrs on Monday and in B on Tuesday and like that, till Friday. And each school might not pay less than 10k monthly.

If you add all together, that’s like 50k monthly. In fact, you can earn more if they are big schools. The fact is that schools use these special subjects to market their school to parents and wouldn’t want to lose you for anything because people who can teach these subjects are scarce.

3. Community Coaching Class:

Take it or leave it, this is probably the biggest way to make it easily in teaching. Collect Peanuts from groups of students for backyard coaching classes and turn it to something big.

If you collect 2k from 20 students monthly for SS1 students mainly and for maths or English tutoring, it is something.  Most parents could afford this and you can market this, by visiting homes, religious places like mosques and churches and even offices.

The truth is that most parents nowadays value education, especially the elites, so you can utilize this. Most school owners start this way and it is the best way to own your own school one day and fulfill the dream of being an Educationist or a Proprietor or Proprietress”.


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