4 exciting ways to make lasting memories in a foreign land

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One of the real perks of visiting a foreign land, is in bring home fond memories that last a lifetime. Beyond taking a few nice photographs to hang on the wall, filling your heart with warm thoughts of a time well spent are a treasure to look forward to.

If you are ready to reward yourself with an inner experience that real joy brings,, Africa’s largest hotel booking portal shares tips to get more from your journey and create new friendships.


Be curious

Taking genuine interest in what other people do is usually an ice-breaker. Each time you visit a new place, ask people about their homeland, be respectful with their life-choices and be open to learning new skills.

People love to give advice so when it’s given to you be thankful as that advice can save you in a foreign land. It doesn’t hurt to ask questions…go for it!

Seek out awkward moments

Attitude is everything and when you travel, a happy smile and warm hello can melt your way through awkward moments.

While most people generally feel shy or embarrassed when they visit a city with a unique language, you can save the day by choosing to have a positive outlook when things get out of hand. For example, if you bump into people or spill soup on a waiter, look at it as an ideal opportunity to make new friends!

Make eye contact quickly, apologize and laugh off the awkward situation as a means to starting a good conversation. As long as you keep making these connections, you stand higher chances of creating special moments that last a lifetime.


Be open to adventure

A lot of people are so obsessed with their mobile devices that they miss out on the beauty surrounding them at each destination they visit. Instead of being caught in a cyber bubble, make concrete efforts to stare out the window and take in the landscape. Be flexible with your timing and allow yourself breathe in your environment.

Beyond your hotel room, try to visit some amusement sites and take the time to sit and watch how people in other parts of the world live. And when the opportunity presents itself, start a banter with the person next to you as one never know where a conversation with a stranger may lead.

Use technology to your advantage

Make a commitment to keep in touch every time you meet new people. Take down their names, phone numbers and email address instead of just walking away at the end of the conversation.

If they are open to it, pull out your camera and have a selfie! Record every special discovery and play like you are a kid all over again. It is the little things that make life worth living.

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