4 Facts Why You Shouldn’t Overeat This Christmas

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This Christmas, food will be available in unquantifiable measure for many and everyone is guaranteed some fun because it is a time for sharing gifts and delicious meals with friends and family.

It therefore, follows that the temptation to eat anything and everything will overwhelm some people who may have a hard time resisting the tendency of overeating. Because heavy eating can take a toll on the body.

Weight Gain

This is an obvious disadvantage of eating too much. Your body mass index will increase and can lead to obesity.  If you are obese, it is advisable to avoid any fatty foods but if you want to indulge, be ready to engage in high intensity exercise to help you burn the fat.

Stomach Upset

The most common cause of stomach upsets are eating and drinking too much. Individuals that suffer symptoms of stomach upsets are likely to visit the convenience more than twice a day. Interestingly, due to the fact that food is aplenty during Christmas, it is worthwhile not to overeat so that you do not suffer a heartburn, nausea and belching. In addition, you will miss out in the Christmas fun if you have stomach upset.


If you are feeling lazy immediately after a humongous meal it simply means that you have eaten too much and it is affecting you negatively. To prevent you from feeling lethargic during this festive season, try to eat right.

Danger of disease

High cholesterol, diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension, depression and poor sleep are some of the symptoms of overeating. It can turn into a horrible Christmas if you throw caution to the wind and eventually experience any of these dangers or side effects.


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