4 Huge Misconceptions Of Mentally Strong People

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We expend a lot of our resources trying to gain physical strength but spend way less time developing our mental strength. Thus, there are a lot of myths about what “mentally strong” really means. Here are 4 of the biggest misconceptions about mentally strong people:

1. Born this way: It’s not true that mentally strong people were born strong. Rather, it is something that has to be built and exercised as we go along. Everyone has the capacity to train  the cognitive, emotional, and behavioral skills that build mental muscle.

2. They are cold blooded: Mentally strong people also experience emotions, however they know how their emotions can influence their thoughts and behavior. They’re able to think objectively, especially when doing so helps them attain their goals, and they don’t allow their emotions to control them.

3. They are nasty: Mentally strong people don’t care about pleasing people, however, they are not nasty either. Rather, they take responsibility for their behavior and don’t try to manipulate others with horrible strategies.

4. They have never really suffered: Many mentally strong people have been through serious challenges, from troubled childhoods to financial ruin. However, they don’t use their bad luck as an excuse for not attaining their goals.
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