4 Lifestyle Habits To Help Lower Cancer Risks

On every February 4, the global community marks World Cancer Day to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment of the disease.

Speaking on Tuesday at the Nigerian headquarters of the World Health Organisation in Abuja, Clement Peter, the health emergency team lead, said 41,000 people lost their lives to cancer out of 166,000 cases recorded in 2018.

Although the cure for some cancer types has not been found, here are five ways to keep yourself in good health.

Avoid tobacco

Tobacco has been identified as one of the leading causes of cancer across the world. It contains over 50 chemicals that are responsible for different kinds of cancer including, cancer of the mouth, throat, kidney, pancreas, cervix and rectum.

Hence, a habit of reducing environmental exposure (secondhand smoke) to tobacco and quitting direct intake is necessary to reduce cancer risks.

Eat right

Having the right eating habit also plays a major role in preventing cancer. Nutritionists have recommended foods such as whole grains, beans, fish, vegetables, and green tea contain nutrients that help prevent cancer. Also, the consumption of alcohol, processed foods and junk food may increase the risk of cancer.

Exercise regularly

Exercising regularly lowers the risk of cancer as it helps control weight, enhance bowel movement to dispose of substances that may later lead to cancer.

Avoid excessive exposure to the sun

Extreme and cumulative exposure to sun rays is a chief cause of skin cancer. Other less common reasons include repeated X-ray and chemical exposure, and scars from diseases or burns.

The use of sunscreens, sunshades especially against midday sun is important. Clothes with bright colours, and wearing well-covered clothes will also prevent skin cancer.

Regular medical checkup

A lot can be avoided by a simple visit to the hospital. A regular medical checkup can help diagnose cancer at an early stage.


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