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4 Lucrative Online Businesses You Can Do At Home

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Virtually everybody has easy and cheap access to the internet these days. Even physical business owners would still want to advertise their service and products online. Thus, making the internet a nice platform to make cool cash.

As pathetic the present economic situation in Nigeria is, there are still various money making online businesses which could help Nigerian youths especially fresh graduates. These businesses are so easy and very lucrative.

Here are some of the online businesses you can easily venture into, making your money while you sit back in your house. They are legal and very lucrative depending on how much you invest your money and effort.


This has been a trending business where people make it big since the last decade. It is a means of spreading your information, advertise your product and service.
Although, there are millions of blogs online, this is nothing to worry about, as you can make your own way and stand out too.
Blogging requires that you create a blog, you feed in relevant information in the blog, wait for a while and you make your money. You can actually create your own blog yourself or you let it done for you by a specialist. Telling him your motive for creating a blog and they’ll design your own blog with special domain name and theme.
After creating a blog, you’ll need to discuss with online guru on how to get key words and also give you some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies that would make your post rank fast and search engines. Thus, giving your blog the desired traffic.
Smartness and dedication makes a good money making blog. If you do it well you can earn more than most Nigerian civil servants. Only the start seems to be little bit tedious. Once you start making money, only little effort is needed to maintain it.


Freelance article writing is another cheap means to make money online. You don’t need to know big grammar before starting this. Once you have a nice control over simple grammar rules. The only test in this is just to improve more on the thinking ability which will aid a faster writing skill.
To start online article writing job, you can visit like,, These sites are platform where you’ll meet client that are ready to pay for your service. There, you follow the terms and conditions.


Just like the freelance writing job, there are clients who need the service of web-designers with cool cash. In few weeks you can be a master of web-design from a good tutor. Once you learn it, then you money starts counting.

Visit also, or to meet clients who need the service of a web-designer.


This is one of the easiest way you can also make fast money online, but requires little professionalism. The simple analogy of how it works is that you get a commission for every fruitful effort of yours to advertise someone else’s product or service. As you will get a percentage of the income made on every sale generated by you effort.

The whole settings require like four players; the brand, the network that contains the offers for the affiliate to choose for and also take care of the payment, the affiliate (which is you), and the costumer.
To learn more of affiliate marketing you can visit


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