4 Places You Must Visit In Calabar

Calabar, the serene capital of Cross River state, is so alluring that it attracts visitors from all over the world.

One of the biggest tourist cities in West Africa, Calabar is pregnant with many tourist attractions and a hospitable culture that makes visitors feel at ease.

Here are four must-visit places in Calabar.

Drill rehabilitation centre
Drill rehabilitation centre

Here, endangered wildlife animals find sanctuary.

Drill rehabilitation center, also known as Drill Ranch, is home to endangered species of African chimps, gorillas and monkeys orphaned or injured in the wild

The ranch rehabilitates drills and also provides them with a safe haven.

Drills within the rehab live in social groups and are placed in large cages.

Tinapa resort
Tinapa resort

Tinapa, built during the administration of Donald Duke, was conceived to be a world-class trading and resort hub.


While some of the facilities may not be fully functional, the architectural beauty of the resort should make up for its shortcomings.

Some of the attractions include the Tinapa Games Arcade, Tinapa Water Park, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the Tinapa Nollywood Studio.

Marina resort
Marina Resort

This is one of the most visited places in Calabar, owing to its multiple offering.

Tortuga Island, located within Marina resort, offers an extraordinary view of the Calabar river.

Visitors can have a drink and watch the sunset from the colonial-themed bars while enjoying a delightful dinner of barbequed meat or any other Cross River delicacy.

The resort also has an amusement park for children as well as a cinema complex and a slave museum.

You can also enjoy speed boat trips along the Calabar river.

Mary Slessor’s house
Mary Slessor’s house

Mary Slessor was a Scottish Missionary who helped curb the killing of twins in Calabar.

The house where she lived from the late 1800s until her death in 1915 still stands today in Okoyong, Calabar.

Slessor saved hundreds of twins who had been left in the bush to die and spent most of her time with the ordinary folk.

People often find inspiration in the works and life of Slessor, hence the attraction of tourists to the house.


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