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4 Reasons Why Your Business Need A Mobile App

Mobile Apps

Mobile technology has been around for a while and since Apple introduced the IPhone in 2007 this industry has exploded. The demand for smaller, more efficient devices has resulted in a mobile revolution like nothing we have seen before.

In case you haven’t been paying attention, we are in the midst of a mobile revolution.

I remember a time in my life when owning a desk top computer was an expensive luxury. As the price of desktops started to fall the new demand was for laptop computers.

So what does that mean to your business?

The next time you are watching TV, take notice of how many businesses are now asking customer to download their mobile app.

The reason these businesses are doing this is because they know that if their customer has a device in their pocket, they can message them instantly to point them to a product or service. This application also provides quick access to information for loyal customers.

This technology can be used to connect and engage with your loyal customer base – beyond the personal touch they get at your business.

For instance, imagine you are a restaurant and its Tuesday afternoon.  The weather hasn’t been the best so you had a slower than usual lunch crowd.  What if you could send a push notification to your customers and let them know of your daily special, or perhaps offer a free desert to get them in the door?

Or, what if you offered a customer loyalty program that they accessed from their phone. Imagine that pizza parlor that gives away a free pizza after so many purchases that are registered right on a customer’s mobile device.

The possibilities are endless and should be considered.

1. To Keep Up

We all know of businesses that are behind the technology curve.  Many have no website or a really bad one.  Some have antiquated equipment – think manual cash registers.

We also know that these businesses are losing out because technology helps businesses run more efficiently and ultimately saves money.

Mobile apps are the newest wave of technology that businesses are taking advantage of. Not jumping on the bandwagon will leave your business in the dust.

2. Connect With Customers

We all know that developing a relationship with your customers is the key to growing your customer base. When a customer feels like you know them by name they will be more loyal because they believe that you care about them.

Connecting with customers is easy with a mobile app in that you can send instant updates on sales, promotions or events.  Imagine sending a push notification to your customers of the upcoming sidewalk sale.

3. Reward Loyal Customers

Loyalty programs are the new craze and a mobile app can help you use technology to track credits or points to earn a reward.

Instead of the old fashioned punch card you can use this technology to help customers keep track and redeem rewards.

4. Helpful Tips

Blogs have been a successful way to grow a customer following because they offer helpful information.

Provide tips and tricks on your app to keep customers engaged and using the app.  Imagine sharing a restaurants favorite recipe right on the app? Or tips on cleaning stains from sensitive fabrics?

What about notes from a class that your business offered or a homework assignment?

These kinds of helpful tips will keep customers coming back to the app for more which result in them being more engaged with your business.

The good news is this technology has become very affordable. You can now create and manage a mobile app for your business for as little as $69/month. The ease of use and affordability of this technology is why so many businesses are going mobile!

If you think this is something that your business is ready to do you can click here to learn more.  And, you’ll be happy to hear that setting up your app is a FREE service! If you decide to try it, use coupon code FIRSTFREE to get your first month free!

Mobile technology isn’t going anyway so now is probably the best time to jump on-board and watch how this technology can help you connect, engage and influence your customer base.

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