4 Reasons Your Girlfriend Will Reject Your Proposal

Irrespective of how perfect a proposal can be, there is still a possibility that the woman of your dreams can crush you with a rejection.

It could depend on different things like how the relationship is going and where she shes herself in the next years and so on. Here are four reasons she might reject you:

1. The ring is not what she wants

Most woman dreams of their ideal ring and men usually propose without consulting her on it so it will be a surprise. While some women understand they can ask you to get a better ring later, some may just be so horrified by the ring that they refuse to accept it.

2. She loves someone else


If she wants to be with someone else, she will not say ‘yes’ to your proposal. Maybe she was just enjoying the ride with you or she was waiting for the perfect moment to tell you goodbye but when she rejects you, it will all be clear.


3. She’s not ready


Some women might be great girlfriends but when you want to put the title ‘wife’ on them, it becomes too much to bear. Being a wife involves much more responsibilities and she needs to be mentally ready to be one before you ask her.

4. She hated the proposal


If she feels you asked her in an unromantic way or you did the barest minimum, she won’t feel special and will tell you no. You need to know her very well and know what she likes so that you can ask her in a way she will not refuse.

Written by nigeriahow

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