4 Reasons Why Most Modern Marriages Failing

Without any doubt, one would say that modern day marriages have so many problems and challenges compared to those of yester years. Some people have said that marriage has lost its meaning in the modern world and to some extend that is true. There are so many reasons that can be attributed to failed modern day marriages and here are four of them:

1. Lack of proper foundations. For any house to stand the test of time, the foundation has to be strong. If the foundation is weak, the building will have problems and might even collapse. For any marriage to stand, the foundation must be laid well. Most modern marriages lack proper foundations and that is why most of them are full of problems. Modern young couples meet in college, town or the workplace and in record time they fall in love and hurriedly we hear they are walking down the aisle. Modern couples don’t take time to understand, learn and know each other. They rush into marriage driven by lust and after sometime they both realise that their marriage has no foundation and that becomes the genesis of all their problems.

2. Focus on the outer beauty. For a modern man who is shopping for a wife, the main center of attraction is the beauty of the woman while the women are equally going for looks. The habit of solely focusing on the outer beauty has landed many couples in trouble and caused many people to settle down with the wrong people. Many realise that the outer beauty is no longer valuable especially after getting into marriage. For those looking forward to settle down, it is important to look at the inner beauty because that is where a woman’s real beauty is.

3. Materialistic marriages. Most modern day marriages are material based. A woman will agree to marry a man not because she loves him but simply because the man has a car, a house and a good job. Likewise, a man will fall for a woman just because she is from a rich family or working. Marriages based on material things will normally crumble especially if there is no true love that goes beyond cars, houses and jobs. It reaches a time when the material things lack value and that becomes the beginning of problems in modern marriages.


4. Lack of prayer. I can tell you that majority of young modern couples don’t value the power of prayer. Prayer is a powerful ingredient in the success of any marriage and those who know will tell you that a marriage without prayer is like a bus with deflated tyres. Most modern marriages crumble because young couples are more focused on worldly things and have forgotten that a marriage without God is a marriage full of problems.


Source: News24 Kenya

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