4 Most Respected Jobs In Nigeria

There are various professions in Nigeria but some are respected  more than others even if it they sometimes don’t pay well.

In every home, parents advise their children to enter certain professions and will turn down career aspirations for other professions with a simple reason that it’s not good and not honorable.

Below are some professions which are well respected in Nigeria.

1. Doctor

This is mostly probably the most respected job in Doctor. Every parent wants his/her child to study medicine to become a doctor. Children who tell their parents they want to be doctors are given every single push they need to help them realize that dream. Even though OSUT in Ogun State is still owing Doctors 5 months salary.

2. Pilot

Not many get the opportunity to do this but we all know the respect these people command. It takes years to train and qualify as a pilot and to think of the lives that they are responsible for every time they fly, you’ll love them


3. Lawyer

Being a lawyer is regarded as highly prestigious. That gown and wig is something that most people will kill to have in their families. Even if it doesn’t pay much all the time, it’s one of the most respected jobs in Nigeria.

4. Banker

Who wouldn’t like to work in a bank? Every one wants to work there, it’s as if you get to own all the money at the place. Banking jobs are quite respected in Nigeria.


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