4 romantic spots to get a ‘YES” in Illorin

Popping the marriage question is no longer as simple as dropping on a knee in your favorite restaurant and presenting a ring, or hiding it in an ice-cream cone until your spouse finds it with her tongue. The bar has been raised.

People have become a little more creative with proposing to their girlfriends; either at the airport in superman costume, planning flash mobs, and putting up big-screen appearances at the cinemas.

In all, the hardest part is selecting the perfect place to get the woman of our dreams to say ‘I Do’. While there may not be any rules about when exactly you should propose or what you should say when you do, the location of a proposal is almost as important as the ring.

Luckily, if you live in Ilorin or are organizing a destination proposal there, thanks to, you will not have a hard time picking out a place charming enough for the deed. Read on to discover the best places to propose in Illorin.


The Township Staduim

Kanye West made news proposing to Kim K at San Francisco’s AT&T Stadium, but while you may not be able to rent the entire stadium, hire a 50-piece orchestra or get a scoreboard proposal at the stadium, you can pull off you own version of the proposal by asking her hand in marriage while a heated Kwara United or Abubakar Bukola Saraki match is going on or on half-time.

If you are football fanatic, this tells her that you chose her above football.

Stadium proposals are not a routine occurrence in Nigeria as a whole, and so plucking up the courage to ask for your beloved’s hand in marriage in the most public way possible will definitely get you that YES!


If she says no: She might not be huge on football or sports generally. Do not give up, try something more traditional, you might still get that YES!


‘Sobi’ Hill

Sobi Hill  in its panoramic grandeur, is one of Illorin’s most iconic natural landmarks.

At roughly 394 metres above sea level, it offers an absolutely breathtaking view of the city.

For a relaxed and romantic proposal, take a stroll up the steep incline at sunset and find a quiet spot, take in the awesome view, and as the sun goes down, get your proposal on!


Altitude, beauty and solitude is a winning combination.

If she says no: Blame it a phobia for heights. Claim you were delirious and mistook her for the love of your life.

The National Museum, Ilorin

Created in 1988 and still waxing strong, The National Museum, Ilorin is a center for education, entertainment, relaxation and enjoyment. It has on display archaeological, ethnographic and craft shop units.

With a large collection of interesting cultural objects from Nigeria’s many cultures all under one roof, the museum provides a suitable and impressive background for a proposal.

For those looking to take it one step further, you could try placing the ring as one of the many amazing exhibits or hiding it in one of the artifacts and then proposing to her the minute she finds it – it will help if you steer her towards it.

Ensure you plan this with the Museum staff and security to avoid the embarrassment of being escorted to the gate.

If she says no: Walk into to the museum’s bar and drown your sorrows with a stiff drink. If you are a foodie, there are also nice restaurants in the location as well to provide comfort food.


The Metro Park

Set in a very strategic area of Unity Road, Ilorin, the Metropolitan Park – an irresistible rendezvous since the 70s – is now the ultimate gathering spot for artists, students, and basically anyone, so it provides a perfect setting for anyone willing to publicly display their love and affection.

This option is free to everyone, as it serves as the major park in the city. Take a walk around, there are many scenic spots along the path for visitors to stop for a picnic.

Pause by a spot where a cooler filled with champagne and chocolates lies hidden and pop the question. Irresistible!

If she says no: Take a swim in the Olympic-sized swimming pool at the park to clear your head.

We’d love to hear from you…do you know of a great place to propose?  Let us know in the comments section!

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