4 Safe Tricks That Makes You Get Dressed Easy And Quick In The Morning

cooperate women
cooperate women

Unless you’re a bonafide superwoman, you’ve probably experienced your fair share of what we call the morning scramble. You know, those days when, no matter what you do, you can’t seem to pull it together and get ready in an even remotely reasonable amount of time. You end up late to work because you couldn’t decide on the shoes you want to wear, and so on.

Getting dressed in the morning has never been easy, much less quick as some women would stand in front of the wardrobe wondering and trying from one outfit to the other until satisfaction sets in.

The truth is that, everyone needs a flawless morning, because there is no time to waste. As a career person, you’d want to be punctual at work, at the same time wear a well put together outfit that reminds you why you love fashion. The good news? We’ve figured out a few tricks to get things done quickly and easily in the morning.

Go for a throw on dress: A throw-on dress is one of the quickest way to get dressed in the morning. All required is a dress with a statement-making accents that requires little to no accessories. Just team it with a pair of pretty heels and that’s all. No mix and match of colors.

Master the art of quick and expertly done makeup: It is true some women can spend the whole morning applying makeup. This doesn’t work if you’re a very busy woman. Spending hours on only makeup is a sign of poor time management skills. Learn how to get your makeup expertly done within 5mins and by so doing you’ll step out on time, looking flawless and polished.

Pick your entire outfit the night before: Choose your entire outfit for the next day, right down to your shoes, bag, and other accessories. If you wake up feeling like you don’t really want to wear what you picked out, you can edit from there but that’s still a preferable option to trying to create a look from scratch by frantically rifling through your entire closet. Every weekend, indulge in a 30 mins to a 1hr exercise in other to sift the clothes you’ll want to wear from Monday through Friday and have them separately hanged in the rack. So that when you wake up in the morning, you already know what to wear.

Have your work bag packed: Pack whatever you might need for work the night before. This often means a pair of slippers to change into for easy movement, perhaps your favorite mid-day snack, and any other miscellaneous items you might need. If you feel prepared for your day, you won’t be running around throwing things together last-minute.


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