4 Simple Steps to Link Your NIN, BVN to Your Bank Account

The Central Bank of Nigeria requires all bank clients to link their NIN and BVN to their bank account(s).

The CBN issued a circular on December 1, 2023, directing banks to limit Tier 1 bank accounts without BVN.

Tier 1 accounts require proper ID or proof of address to open.

While some banks set a date of February 29, 2024, others did not specify one.

After enrolling in the National Identity Database (NIDB), individuals are allocated a random set of 11 non-intelligible integers known as their NIN.

Bank Verification Number is a biometric technique that uses a secure unique identifier to analyze human traits and serve as an upgraded form of verification for real-time security operations.

Nigerian banks have urged consumers to update their bank account information with BVN and NIN by March 31, 2024.

The banks warned that customers who do not supply the needed information risk being unable to complete transactions.

How to link NIN/BVN to bank account

To link your BVN or NIN to your bank account, you can use one of the following methods:


Simply text BVN/NIN, your account number, and BVN/NIN number to the number/code provided by your service provider or bank.

Via internet banking

Log in to your bank’s internet banking platform.

Select the BVN/NIN option.

Click on new request and enter your BVN/NIN. Select the bank where your BVN/NIN was issued, answer the secret questions and follow the instructions.

Via email request

Send an email request to your account officer.

Visit your bank

Visit your nearest bank branch for more information on the update.

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