4 Things You Should Remember Once You End Unhealthy Friendships

Two women talking to each other and arguing.

Things you should remember to do once you end your unhealthy friendship

1.  Don’t discuss about it with your common friends. Everyone will have their opinion on this and it might lead to a very judgmental conversation. We are sure you don’t want somebody to feed on this gossip, right?

2. If you have decided to take a break, take a considerable amount of time to reconsider your relationship. And once you guys are back, don’t discuss the past.


3.  Don’t give up on good friendship. Just because you ended a bad friendship, it doesn’t mean that there is no hope. Maintain healthy friendships with existing friends, but don’t keep discussing it with them.

4.  Avoid calls and messages from your friend. If you have ended the friendship, don’t encourage any more conversations. Forget dealing with what to say and how to say it, it will simply be very embarrassing and awkward.



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