4 things to consider before buying human hair in Nigeria

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Are you visiting Nigeria and looking for souvenirs or gifts to take back home with you? if you are interested in buying bundles of human hair from any of the markets in Nigeria, you may want to pay close attention to the quality of the hair before making a purchase from vendors around the country.

No doubt the human hair trade in Nigeria is budding and the market now offers a wide selection of gorgeous tresses at cheaper prices, however, it is important to be careful while making your selections of these premium hairs which come in form of wigs, weaves, extensions and attachments.

1.Check the hair texture

Before you buy any hair, check its texture. How soft is it? Does it feel like real textured hair? As is common with businesses around the world, most vendors in Nigeria key into the mystique of human hair being the ultimate premium virgin hair with the perfect texture and luster, and sell all sorts to unassuming customers, attaching its origin from far exotic countries. While there are different kinds of human hair, bear in mind that they all have one thing in common and that is their texture, they are never too coarse or too shiny. They have the texture and feel of permed natural African hair. Ensure there is a certain bounce to it and it should not feel coated or silky smooth like synthetic hair.


2.Pay close attention to quality.

Although human hair is quite expensive and high maintenance, a lot of people still buy it. In Nigeria, possibly because the sellers import in large quantities, the price of these human hairs are way cheaper than what you may find online. However, some tricky companies, while packaging these human hairs, mix them with synthetic fibers or processed hair so as to make more profit. This usually gives an uneven and tacky result when styling. It is therefore important to read reviews to know which brand are most trustworthy and then look out for them in the market. Also, watch out for unnatural hair colors as that is a sure sign that the hair has been altered or is not  original human hair at all.

3.Be weary of the price

If the selling price of the hair seems to good to be true, it most certainly is not quality product. Everyone looks to score a good bargain, but with human hair, keep in mind that a vendor will never sell an original the same price as you would get other synthetic or fibre strands, no matter how short the length is or what promo his business is running. Vendors usually factor in the cost of importing it, caring for it and packaging it. Invest wisely. Ensure you compare prices before making a purchase, chances are the most expensive is usually more original.


4.Check for shedding and bulky wefts

Some processing companies buy the hair in its original form and take on the task of processing the hair, either chemically or by steam, so as to achieve a desired wave or curl pattern and a luster that will blend with textured hair. In the process however, sometimes the original texture of the hair is tampered with and the hair is not properly sown, leading to eventual complaints of shedding and bulky wefts from patrons. Good thing is that most original human hair comes in bundles and are not packed. Run your finger through them, shake them and if possible, put a brush through them before you buy. Check the wefts to see if it is unusually swollen and if the seams are tight. Otherwise, you are in for a bad hair experience.

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