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5 Amazing Christmas Gifts That Will Thrill Your Woman

Genevieve Nnaji

So, last year I had an horrendous time choosing the ideal gifts for the women in my life. I had to sample different opinions from male friends and known were forthcoming with an idea of what would have my women drooling (my mum inclusive here). This made me dig deep into the inner recesses of my mind and think up what I believe should be the ideal gift. I have come to realise that we the male folk really suck at buying the women we love gifts. We would rather take them out on a date than go through the eternal stress of trudging along in malls and gift shops to get the perfect gift.

I have come to realise that women don’t want the routine sexy lingerie, box of chocolates and kitchen appliances but would rather have things with a little more class and personal touch. As a result of this, I decided to do a little digging into what women would love as gifts while ensuring that we men don’t have to break the bank to get them especially with the Christmas festivities around the corner. Thus I did a little compilation of gifts that would thrill the women and make our lives a little less stressful.



This seems to be the fetish of a whole lot of women as it adds style and prestige to their dressing. Getting the right size and colour most suitable for your woman might be the issue but that problem can be solved by understanding the needs and favourites of the intended recipient. All women love a handbag and getting one that goes with all shades of colours might just be the best and ideal Christmas gift for your woman yet.


Lingerie set


From time immemorial, lingerie set has always been the first choice of gift for the male folk as it builds a typical emotional connection between the man and his woman. Getting to choose the right lingerie might be a tasking job as we the male folk do not share the same thoughts with women regarding this matter. It is thus important to know what colour appeals to your woman. Getting the right size and colour is important especially when your woman is the prim and proper type.



Quite important to get the size right as you wouldn’t want your woman smirking at you. Shoes will definitely have her loving you more especially if you get one with heels or wedge. Ensure you get the best in this category if you decide on getting shoes as they are very important to women.


Make-up kits

Very few women go out without make-up nowadays and if your woman falls in the category of women that enjoy having a clean endearing face, then look no further than a make up kit. Since we are men and it may be a bit difficult getting the right mix that suits their faces, it’s cool we go for a kit with several shades. This will help limit our chances of falling on the wrong side. It is also important to get ones of high quality so as to avoid giving the women we love a skin reaction.

Neck chain

Well, every woman loves jewellery especially those that come in gold. It is guaranteed that you can never get it wrong if you get a woman a Gold, silver or platinum chain. It is however important to note that this one is in no way cost effective as it will take a sizable chunk of your money to get the one that would ‘whao’ your woman. Ensure that you get a quality one that will stand the test of time as your relationship will.


I hope I have been able to give a list that would help us to give our women a Christmas gift to remember.

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