5 Amazing Ways You Can Use Sugar Apart From Eating It

Sugar is the most versatile thing everyone have in the kitchen and funny enough we all just use it to add sweetness to tea, coffee etc but did you know that sugar have a lot more uses than what you think?

Here are some other ways you can use sugar other than eating it.

Soothes burned tongue: As sugar can help rescue the mouth from spicy food it can also do the same for the tongue when scorched with a hot beverage. Just put some sugar to the burned part of the tongue and watch the pain subside immediately.

Smooth the lips: This useful especially during this harmattan period, you can use sugar to nourish your dry lips. Just mix some sugar and olive oil to form a paste, apply the paste on your lips and allow it stay there for some seconds then clean it off with a wet cloth(make sure the sugar and olive oil is of the same amount).

Make your lipstick last longer: Yes, you read right, you can use sugar to make your lipstick last all day. Just sprinkle some sugar on your lips after applying your favourite lipstick, wait for some seconds and lick it off then watch your lipstick last all day.

Treat wounds: Am sure you must have heard that you can use sugar to treat painful infections and wounds, just put some granulated sugar on your wounds, sores and it will kill all bacterias that are causing you pain or is preventing your wounds from healing.

Exfoliate your skin: Sugar can be used to exfoliate your skin thereby giving you a better-looking skin, just mix sugar with olive oil rub on your skin and wash off with water. Exfoliation removes all dead skin cells and make your skin fresh and smooth.


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Written by Damilola Odunsi


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