5 best Indian restaurants on Lagos Island


From local food vendors on the streets, to bukkas, fast food joints and full-blown restaurants that offer a plethora of snacks and meals to satisfy any taste bud, Lagos Island is to some measure, a foodie’s fantasy.

With the increasing population of immigrants in the area, the city now harbors a spread of specialized restaurants which cater to specific visitors from around the world, including Italian, Chinese, Thai, French and most especially, Indian.

Visiting Nigeria and hankering for spicy curries, tandoori, tikka masala, or any of India’s artfully prepared dishes? suggests that you try any of these top 5 restaurants in Lagos that are popular for whipping up flavored sensations from India!


1.Sherlaton restaurant

This restaurant is a classic, as it is one of the first fine Indian dining establishments in Lagos. And while it has slipped a bit in aesthetics since it was established but it is still worth a visit for superb Indian cuisines. They offer food with original flavors, tastes, and have plenty mouthwatering options for vegetarians as well. Although always heavily booked and the environs is not very elegant, the place offers good pricing and impressive service. Their portions are generous and the atmosphere is lively.


2.Viceroy Restaurant

Viceroy restaurant offers a high-end Indian experience, one that is worth trying, even if just once. With food on par with any classic Indian restaurant around the world and a huge departure from what might be found in cheaper hotels and restaurants around town, the place is always full, especially on weekdays with business meeting, and weekends with family get-togethers. The environment is clean, cosy and offers great ambiance. The menu is varied with impressive presentation such that any Indian foodie is bound to be spoilt for choice. Favourite meals include the Crispy veg fry, Tangdi kebabs and Calamari in honey and pepper.


3.Indigo Indian restaurant

An excellent Indian restaurant that serves flavour-filled and authentic Indian dishes,Indigo Indian Restaurants is a popular choice worth investing in. With an extensive menu including Indian vegetarian food at very reasonable cost, efficient service and clean environs, this is a strong option for Indian travellers. It is important to know that there are however 3 different additional charges – a mandatory 10% service charge, a 5% consumption tax, and another 5% VAT per meal. Ultimately, this is a particularly good place to dine at if you just can’t handle a long queue.


4.Spice Bar

Excellent service, friendly staff, affordable meals, tasty dishes and fresh, fluffy Naans! Indian visitors in Lagos have more than enough reasons to storm Spice bar for mouth-watering experiences. While there are various options for vegetarians, their butter chicken and black dal is a must-have. It is best to avoid this restaurant on Friday’s and weekend nights, as it is usually overcrowded at that time and customers will have to queue for a long time.


5.Harzoyka Indian Restaurant

With a cool ambiance and a very extensive menu comprising of quality and palatable dishes, guests are certain to gain a memorable gastronomic experience here.  The staff is friendly and service is impeccable. They also have a decent range of cocktails and beers, with a number of Indian wines making their drinks list as well. For a first time, go for the tandoori fish and giant prawns, you are sure to have a delightful impression.


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