5 Breathtaking Natural Resorts To Visit In Your Lifetime

Yankari National park

We are creating an All-Nigerian bucket list and this is the first; a list of national resorts and parks you should visit in your lifetime. The best part? They are cheaper than a holiday in abroad, and there’s no exchange rate to give you heart attack.

Ladies and gentlemen, grab your pen and paper save this one your phone notes, or to-do list, whatever suits your style.

1. Yankari national park.


It finds its home in Bauchi State in northern Nigerian and sits on a massive 2,244km square. That’s over half the size of Lagos State. The wildlife? A massive 350 bird species and the largest herd of elephants in West Africa. What else you’ll be getting? Four warm water springs, an inexhaustible landscape, and a knowledge of our history at the archaeological digs.

2. Cross River national park

cross river agbokim waterfalls

This one is divided into two wings, Okwangwo and Oban, but both have a total area of 4000km, bigger than the entire Lagos, Calabar, and Port Harcourt combined. If it was a city, it would be one of the top ten largest cities in Nigeria.

You’ll find breathtaking waterfalls, amazing wildlife.

3. Gashaka Gumti national park


This is not only Nigeria’s largest park, it is also home to the highest peak in Nigeria, Chappal Waddi. It cuts into Taraba and Adamawa State, all the way to the borders with Cameroon.

You’ll find a wide range of 500 bird species, leopards, primates, and maybe even a Mountain hiking team. Then again, you can just start your own team.

4. Ogbunike caves.


The collection of caves has had a strong spiritual significance to the people of Ogbunike since it was first discovered centuries ago.. This significance is still apparent, as the “Ime Ogbe” celebration is undertaken every year to commemorate the discovery of the caves. Its also a UNESCO Heritage site.

Fun fact: The epic Igodo movie was shot here.

So be sure you’ll find divine artistry in nature and a rich culture to bask in.

5. Obudu Mountain Resort.

Obudu Ranch ResortObudu Ranch Resort

Probably the most popular on this list in recent times, the greatness of this place was first tapped into in 1951 by a Scot camper. The glory was restored when the government of Cross Rivers State revamped it and made it one of the most popular tourist attractions in West Africa.

Most importantly, you’ll find a breathtaking view from aboard cable cars, wildlife, and clean, untainted nature at its finest.

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