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5 Business Ideas To Make Extra Cash During Festive Periods

Best Business Ideas For 2014

The year is gradually running to an end and we all know what that means. Another festive season is here; time to party, chill with friends, extend your love and appreciation to friends and family by buying them gifts. As everyone knows, at this time of the year most people tend to spend more than they will get or beyond their budget and making them go broke by the new year. Some even run into debt which makes people to go “lowkey” after the whole celebration. People will often suspend buying anything till the second or even the third month. For parents, it becomes a even tougher time as they have to pay fees and give their kids pocket money.

Thinking of the “brokeness” that comes after the festive season, one would almost want to completely put off celebrating or celebrate minimally. It is good to cut your coat according to the availability of the material at hand but sometimes, it is also good to enjoy your holiday to the fullest without having to think of what your bank statement is saying or will say afterwards. In order for that to happen, you have to have an extra source of income. Either people don’t know or choose to ignore, the Christmas/New Year celebration is ironically one of the best times to make money because people are doing a lot of buying or looking for one service or another.

For those who are tired of not having enough cash to spend before or after the festive period, outlined below are five business ideas for the season. The good things about the business ideas are that you can modify them to suit your own capabilities or to your own taste and you need little or no money for some of them.

Business Idea 1 – Sale Of Gift Hampers:

This season, people are looking for what to buy for their friends and loved ones and a nicely packaged hamper is a good gift idea. All you have to do is jot down what you need to make the gift basket attractive. Provisions, canned or packaged food stuffs, kitchen utensils, wines, juice are some of the items you can put inside the hamper. Take cool pictures of the hampers, post them on your social network accounts and put up your number for people to call. You can spice things up by arranging free delivery for buyers that live around you.

Business Idea 2 – Acting As Middleman Between Buyers And Sellers:

People are always looking for who will help them deliver goods to their customers and we all know December is a time when people travel to visit their hometown, so sellers are always looking for people to help them deliver their products. This idea is not capital intensive but can be stressful and is a very good way for students to make extra cash during the break. With the money you make, you can support your parents when they tell you they don’t have the usual amount they give you to school.

Business Idea 3 – Cleaning Services:

Most homes this season are looking to clean their homes thoroughly and in between going to work, shopping, taking care of the kids, there is really no time to do that. You can always volunteer to clean the house for them for a fee. Arrange a team that you know can work with you. This is also a very awesome idea for students to make extra cash. You can use the social media to advertise your services.

Business Idea 4 – Retail Of Food Stuff And Chickens:

Food and chickens are almost a necessary part of the Christmas celebration. To make even bigger profit from selling chickens and food stuff, buy directly from a farmer. With the discounts on the goods, you will make more than buying from the market. The social media is also a good place to advertise your goods.

Business Idea 5 – Retail Of Clothes (Used or Unused):

Because we all want to look good, a good Business you can do this period is selling clothes. It doesn’t matter if they are second hand clothes, new ones or native materials; all you have to know is the kind of people you want to sell those clothes to. You can spice things up by adding shoes, jeweleries, make up kits to the equation. If you can make hair (and you are not a stylist professionally), this is the time to make money from that knowledge. Twitter, Facebook, instagram is a good place to advertise your wares.

These are some of the five things you can do this holiday to make money. Use your social network account to your advantage. Advertise your goods and services there and get your friends to do the same for you too. Don’t forget the traditional form of advertising which is the “word of mouth” is also a good way to let people know you are selling something or offering a particular service.

What are the other things people can do this season to make money? Use the comment box to share your ideas.

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