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5 Causes Of Broken Homes In Most Families

There is an alarming increase in the number of broken homes. The home originally was spent to be a haven, a place to find joy and happiness with lots of assurance and safety. But it is very saddening to see the home be a place where people run away from, where there is no safety nor assurance.

The reason for broken homes vary in all families, but some causes are highlighted below:

Lack of time management
As the saying goes “Proper preparation prevents poor performance”, a lot of people find it difficult to mark out a good schedule of their daily activities thereby neglecting their home at the expense of their work. I can’t imagine homes that care less about their kids just because the pillars (parent) are too busy. Everyone is busy but the ability to map out a good plan schedule makes a perfect home.

Strange partners
In the home, some partners are very secretive in their attitude and way of life. They smile when you expect them to react to something you know that hurt them. They never share their feelings about any issue with their partners. Some may even go to the extent of over monitoring the schedule of their partners. This shows the lack of trust and confidence in the home. Learn to overlook some issues and learn to be conversational with one another. “Money is good but interaction will never let a family down”.

Slavery mindset
The word “help-meet” in the home is fast losing its meaning as most people are now over-conscious of the meaning of this word. Some spouse sees their partner as slaves putting all duties especially the house chores on them. I see no evil if a man decides to cook dinner for his family. But over-consciousness of being called a fool is affecting the mentality of most people.

Humans are not perfect and are bound to make mistake. Over reaction to these mistakes may sometimes determine the life-span of a home. Some people over react irrationally to some issues that need to be settled amicably. When the man is angry, what is expected of the wife is to be quiet and vice versa because two angry people cannot build a house.

Multi-party peacemaker
Since there is bound to be disagreement in the home, the best thing to do is to settle it amicably in the four corners of the house and not calling on outsiders or members of the extended family because it will not always work out that way. The best way is to settle it between yourself.


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