5 Critical Mistakes You Should Avoid With Pain Relievers

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Pain relievers are generally effective and safe if you take them correctly. But if taken incorrectly you could be putting yourself at a risk of overdose, kidney trouble and other serious complications.

So are you making these critical mistakes with over the counter painkillers?

You double the dosage: Many believe that, the effectiveness of the pill will increase if you double the dosage. However, by doing that you are only increasing the chances of side effects or even poisoning without getting any additional pain relief. For instance, consuming too much paracetamol, the active ingredient in pain killer pills can lead to poisoning.

You take the painkillers too often: You shouldn’t be consuming  pain killers more than one or two days a month unless your doctor prescribes it. Did you know consuming paracetamol too often can increase your risk of liver failure and even death?


You mix different medications: Many over the counter medications also contain the same ingredients as pain relievers even if they are not specifically intended to ease your ache. So if you mix too many over the counter meds you may suffer many side effects.

You think all over the counter meds are same: While choosing a painkiller, you should keep in mind the particular method of action of each painkiller rather than just popping whatever you have at home thinking that it will work. For example, ibuprofen is a great option for swelling or arthritis but it may not be as effective for headache.

You mix prescription medicines with pain drugs: Many prescription medicines contain paracetamol and if you do not take a look at your prescription medications and take additional paracetamol along with these medicines, you can suffer many side effects.



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