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5 Different Ways You Can Eat Your Corn

Corn is a healthy snack or meal you should consider eating more often. It is loaded with nutrients that are highly beneficial to the body. It is also rich in fibre which makes it suitable for digestion. Apart from corn being one of the most popular cereal grains in the world, it has many health benefits that would make you consider eating it more. It grows in almost every part of the world and is enjoyed by people from all walks of life.

Corn could either be roasted or boiled when you want to consider it as a snack. It could also be filling and highly satisfactory when eaten. The golden yellow grains could be eaten with other foods or processed to become a different food entirely.

Find below some of the foods you can make using corn and the foods you could combine with it in order to get the best out of it:

1. Pap and Akara

Corn could be processed to produce pap or Ogi; this is a meal that is being taken in virtually every part of the country. There are series of processes involved in turning corn to Ogi. The white or yellow corn could be processed to produce pap. Millet is used in making red pap. Little babies are being fed with pap as soon as they start taking foods. Some families in Nigeria make pap and Akara their staple breakfast on weekends.

2. Corn meal

In the northern part of Nigeria, corn meal is being made from corn. This could be likened to any other ‘solid’ food eaten in other parts of the country. It is being referred to as Tuwo Masara; corn meal could be eaten with soups like vegetables and other soups that you could eat your Semo, Amala, Gari and Fufu with.

3. Corn and beans

Combining corn with beans is awesome; the resulting meal is a delicious mix that would leave you yearning for more. There are so many who simply wait for the season when corn would be in abundance in order for them to make this food. The Yoruba people refer to it as ‘Adalu’; it is a rich blend of carbohydrates and protein. Depending on your culinary skills, this food could come out better than other people’s own. Either way, it is one food you have to try out.

4. Corn and coconut

When the milky wonders of coconut is being combined with boiled or roasted corn, you can be sure you would have the feeling of being in cloud nine. This is a delightful combination; corn is simply not the same when it is being eaten with coconut. Most corn sellers always have coconut displayed alongside so people can easily buy and enjoy their snack.

5. Corn and pears

Corn, when roasted or boiled can be eaten with pears. The Igbo people in Nigeria enjoy eating corn this way; Ube or pears could also be boiled or roasted. No words can adequately describe how divine this combination is. The Ube melts in your mouth as you taste the golden goodness of the corn. Once you try this combination, you could become addicted to its sweetness and may not be able to enjoy eating corn without mixing it with anything.


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