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5 Direct Ways To Find Your Passion Before 2017

Passion is one of the most talked about but often overlooked subjects in our society today. A lot of people talk about it and a lot of people never get to find it.

This is due to the world we live in today which is so fast paced; you hardly have time to catch your breath. All you want to do is just survive.

In case you have just a little more energy left to spare, check these tips and questions out, they can help you find your passion. Trust me it will be worth your while in the end.

  1. Relate with people who are following their passion. Make friends with people who are not just leaving life to get by but are truly following their passions and the things they really want to do in life. This will go a long way in helping you gain courage to delve into the unknown (if you have to) and discover what you’re really passionate about.

  2. What brings you sadness? This is another pointer to your passion in life. For example, if you get pained when you cannot have good and affordable internet connection around you or when other people cannot get such. That just might be your passion; to make internet connection easily accessible by everybody in the demography you choose. Like Bill Gates who said his passion is to get a computer in every home.

  3. What would you do if you had a billion dollars? If you had your life sorted out financially and everything you’ll ever need in your lifetime has been provided for you, then you were given a billion dollars to top it up and use for whatever you like, what would you do with the money?

  4. What will you do if everybody in the world was paid N100 every day? If nobody ever got paid money than N100 every day, will you still be working your present job? Will you still be chasing the career you are pursuing? Will you still be studying the course you are studying?

  5. What will you like to be remembered for? What is that one thing that you’ll like to be sad at your funeral or after your death about you?

Steve Jobs was passionate about personal computing, Mandela was passionate about the freedom of his people, Michael Jackson was passionate about pop music, Martin Luther King was passionate about racism in America, what are you passionate about?


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Written by Damilola Odunsi


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