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5 Easy Ways To Grow Beards In Less Than Two Weeks Without Using Or Applying Anything

Growing sides burns is a fashion statement that has transcended throughout the decades. The term “side burns” was even named after Civil War General Ambrose Burnside for his scruffy facial hair appearance. Growing side burns is an effortless task; the challenge lies in the maintenance of the facial hair.


Stop shaving your facial hair in order to grow the side burns you desire. This could take as little as a couple days or as much as a couple weeks, depending on the growth rate of your facial hair.

Choose the style you would like for your side burns. Styles range from tapered around the mid ear line of the side of your face all the way down to your jaw line.

For long and thin faces: Grow bushier, jaw line length side burns to soften the angles of your face shape as well as to beef up your look.



For rounder faces: Grow shorter side burns and create a short angle at their ends. This will help create angles for your face giving it a more chiseled, squared and defined look.

Shave your surrounding facial hair using a razor, being sure not to shave off too much in accordance with the side burn shape you have chosen.

Define your preferred side burn style by shaping the side burns accordingly using electric clippers or scissors.

Trim the hair length of your side burns using either the electric clippers or scissors. If using scissors, take a comb and brush the hairs of your side burns in an upward fashion. Lightly clip the hairs that are poking out of the comb on the side opposite of your face to your desired length.

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