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5 Effective Ways To Deal With Tiredness When Pregnant

These are some of the ways to deal with fatigue during pregnancy

For every one pregnant, there is no need to hide your tiredness, it comes with your condition. So you can always ask for a little help when nature calls, just let go of yourself once in a while.

These tips below will help you get through

1. Ask for help
Let your partner and family know exactly how tired you are, so he can do his fair share. If your friends or family ask if they can give you a hand, say yes and do not be afraid!

Having a friend pick up some groceries for you can mean you might actually have enough energy left to drag yourself out for a walk before you go on back to bed.

2. Eat often
Like so many other pregnancy symptoms, fatigue responds well to the balanced diet. Keeping your blood sugar on an even level will help keep your energy steady. So resist meal skipping, and opt for frequent little meals and snacks


3. Moderate exercise
Yes, you heard me right, exercise! Commit to daily exercise even when you feel tired—aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, almost always makes you feel better, all the more so if you walk outdoors. Moderate exercise daily boosts your energy level.

4. Adjust your schedule.
If your current commitments or activities prove to be too taking during pregnancy or drain you, you may have to temporarily adjust your schedule to become less busy. This can include cutting back your hours at work, if possible, or asking friends and family to assist you with housework and errands. Keep a less strenuous schedule when possible.

5. Listen to your body’s signals.
Try taking short naps or have an early night. You’ll need more sleep in early pregnancy, so rest well and get plenty of sleep whenever you can.

At work, even a 15-minute nap could make a difference, so if you’re lucky enough to have an office alone to yourself which has a door, close it, put your head down on your desk and rest. Or have a nap during your lunch hour in your car if there’s nowhere else for you to sleep. If you are at home, make time to sit with your feet up during the day.


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