5 Exciting Things You Should Know About Obinna Udora CEO Of FitNigeria

Obinna Udora is not just a fitness guru with a physique to prove his expertise, he is also the CEO of FitNigeria. Here are five exciting things you should know about the fitness trainer from his Pulse TV interview:

Obinna Udora and Ebuka Obi-UchenduObinna Udora and Ebuka Obi-Uchendu

The FitNigeria movement:

According to Obinna, it’s more than just the fitness training and or motivating people to take care of themselves by being physically active. It’s extends to merchandising and everything fitness. They seek to grow in partnership and be premiere fitness experts.

How it all began:

Prior to moving back to Nigeria, he had “always been interested in sport…it came really naturally to me”, as he helped out friends in college with their fitness. He also had gym buddies who, together, were religious about exercising. He also had a fitness blog and took it seriously after  university.

Obinna Udora for Orange CultureObinna Udora for Orange Culture

Definition of fitness:

For him fitness is about “physical fitness, being able to carry out daily activities without fatigue.” He also mentions that nutritionist is key and it affects daily life. Overall he says it’s about taking care of the mind and body.

Why workout:

Udora claims that “before fitness he graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from Penn State University and worked as a design and quality engineer at a large manufacturing company in U.S. He also highlighted that his interest in working out started as he wanted to fill out his too baggy shirt. However, these days he just wants to be healthy and strong enough and be an inspiration to other people.

Obinna Udora for Orange CultureObinna Udora for Orange Culture

Moving back:

Finally, he is grateful and excited to have friends that support and give him feedback and happy that others had come before him so he could feed off of their early experience.

To know all that the fitness expert had to say about the future of his brand, his favorite workout and his top five fitness hacks, watch the full interview below and let us know what you think.



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