5 Foods You Should NOT Eat Before Exercising


The food you eat before working out matters a lot and you have to avoid some foods when you want a positive result, here are some foods you must avoid before working out.


Sugar is a no, no for you when working out, so before working out stay away from sugar especially from carbonated drinks, you don’t need that kind of sugar in your body during a workout.


Although it might be a brilliant idea for you to quickly drown a can of energy drink but it lead diarrhea and bloating when you drink it before working out.


Salad is a healthy food but when you eat it before workout it might lead to bloating.


Dairy products like milk, soya milk can make you feel acidic and lethargic when you take them before working out.

High level of sugar can be found in fruit juice so taking fruit juice before a workout can make you tired while working out.

Avoiding the above-listed foods will help you get maximum results for all the hard work you put in exercising.


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