5 Fun-filled Parks & Gardens In Lagos

Lagos Lekki Conservation C

Lekki Conservation Centre

Incase your spouse appreciates nature immensely and you are probably wondering about the suitable location you could hang out this VAL, you might want to consider the Lekki Conservation Center.

Lekki Conservation Center Located on Lekki Peninsula across the street from the Chevron complex is the Lekki Conservation Center. The Peninsula consists of swamp and savannah habitats. The reserve has a 1.8km nature trail so visitors can view the reserve as they stroll through a boulevard of coconut trees.

There is a 21 metre-high tree platform known as the tree house where you can have a panoramic view of the reserve, a visitor’s centre, a picnic area and children’s playground among the trees, and a bird hide overlooking a swamp/marsh which is home to crocodiles and monitor lizards. In the trees are Mona monkeys and other species of monkeys, the open grasslands are home to bushbucks, Maxwell’s duikers, giant rats, hogs, mongooses and a remarkable variety of birdlife. Park rangers are available to guide you through the reserve. The reserve is a beauty of nature in a world class environment.


The Park serves as a National Memorial, a Historical landmark, a Cultural site, Arts and Recreation centre, that tells stories of a journey towards the greater goal; the triumph of humanity over all forms of tyranny, both political and social and the ultimate liberation of the human spirit from all that seeks to confine it.
Monuments in the park reveal the Lagos colonial heritage and history of Her Majesty’s Board Street prisons.
The park, which is now a serene abode for individuals, visitors’ collective contemplation and interaction is open to the public every day and has become a venue for diverse social events and recreational entertainment


Jhalobia Recreation Park and Gardens is on Muritala Mohammed International Airport Road, Lagos a haven of carefully planned park and garden space with its beautiful, unspoilt, tranquillity in the heart of boisterous Lagos.
It is a multi-purpose park has beautiful and functional garden features such as the ever-green lawns, walk ways, topiaries of different shapes, sculpture, water falls, fountains, ponds, rock gardens, gazebos of different sizes of exotic trees, palms and flowers. This is definately an ideal spot for picnic and celebration of love.


Over 20 species of plants and flowers are neatly arranged in perfect order along the neatly paved lawns. The spot that is sitting on a 2,000 square meter ground has played It has played prominent roles in the history of Lagos and its development.
The park is iron-fenced with generous openings for tourists to behold the beautiful landscape. By the western strips is a beautiful inscription of the name ‘Tinubu Square,’ sitting on two iron rods backing the bigger fountain. When one looks at it from the street, several skyscrapers housing various business interests in the CBD merged into the skyline. Inside the fountain, four big birds-with wings flapping in the water-were erected on the three layers of round stone spiral stairs.
The water from the big fountain flows directly like a channel into the smaller fountain creating a labyrinth. Somehow, one gets the feeling that the cool breeze came directly from this artificial lake. The water was sparkling clean and the fountain itself was neat.
Another precious resource at the Square is marble which paved the lawns and some had statue sitting on them, these add to the beauty of the landscape.

This environment has since the last administration recieved some crystal touch and sitting at the very centre of the popular Oshodi is the Oshodi-Heritage Garden which is occupying a parcel of land measuring 12,000 square meters and has the following facilities: garden seats, garden lights, children play items, water fountain, irrigational facilities, 200 and 50KVA generator sets, LED bill boards, two sided advert billboards, sculptures moulded with fiber glass, artistic sculpture and fitness facilities. if you really dont give a damn about noises then Oshodi Heritage Garden is the best place to be this val season.



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