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5 Hand Care Tips You Need To Practise


Hands are as important as your face. Do you know that your hands can show your age as it ages faster than other parts of the body. They do so much work that they should be given special care.

Nothing can be more unattractive than dry uncared hands and unkempt nails. So never neglect your hands. Here are some hand care tips you need to know about.

Exfoliate: If you do it to your face and body, what stops you from doing it to your hands? Removing dead skin cells means moisturizer can more easily soak into skin. Besides, it makes you have smooth and young looking hands.

Moisturize: Many a skincare dilemma boils down to increased moisturization. Therefore, try a rich cream made with plant butters and oils that will provide you with the needed moisture for your hands and nails.

Glass file: Those gravely emery boards can tear and split nails thus, a glass file is more gentle on nails. It is much beneficial if your nails tend to split or are weak. The pointy tip makes a great cuticle pusher, too.

Nail brush: Regular scrubbing with nail brush is of great importance here. It helps in the removal of bacteria that grow under nails. Plus, this move makes nails look healthy and whitens tips.

Cuticle maintenance: Healthy cuticles equal healthy nails. Maintain cuticles by pushing them back gently with a cuticle pusher or orange stick. A cuticle oil equally helps to soften them and make them easier to push.


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