5 Hot Job Opportunities For Nigerians Abroad

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Are you moving to the United States or the United Kingdom and desire to take up residence and then get a good job? Are you also planning on going to Europe in search of the Golden Fleece? Well, the truth remains that you can always secure a good job abroad and earn a decent living, but you must fully understand a few things and then know what kinds of jobs you could do as a Nigerian.

Wait! The title says; “5 top job opportunities for Nigerians abroad.” Are these potential jobs reserved for Nigerians alone, or for people of African descent? Hell no. Every job abroad is for Nigerians as much as it is for people from other countries and local citizens. So all things being equal, you can work anywhere and rise to the highest peak anywhere in the world regardless of your citizenship insofar you are the best at what you do.

If a Nigerian could become a Mayor in London, and several Nigerians are in the US Marines, and two or three Nigerians are working for Google Inc., what stops you from working anywhere abroad? Hundreds of Nigerians are in Metropolitan Police, UK, and it could be you. If Nigerians set up businesses and hire hundreds of Americans to work for them in their own country, what limits you from getting to the top of your career?

Anyway, first things first. If you’re targeting working in the US or UK, be prepared to study more in their own universities. Why? Because they rarely believe in the quality of our education, and also because our syllabuses seem outdated compared to current body of knowledge taught in foreign universities – this will impact on your choice of jobs and the current requirement for such jobs. Okay? Let’s go.

i. Registered Nurse


There is always a high demand for Registered Nurses in the US, UK, Canada, and across North America. Thousands of Nigerians are RN and remember the popular actress Reginald Askia who abandoned Nollywood in Nigeria and took up nursing in abroad after due schooling and training.

A Registered Nurse is responsible for monitoring a patients’ health condition in the hospital, perform medical procedures, and also administer drugs. They chart a patient’s progress and help their stay at the hospital bearable.

“Nurses have a very holistic view of health and well-being, and I really appreciated that perspective,” said Erin Whitehouse, an RN and Ph.D. student at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing. “They look at an entire person and their situation, not just what medical concern they have.”

Registered Nurses sometimes specialize in certain health conditions like diabetes or cancer, or newborns or on body parts. However, they earn an average of $66,220 – with top RNs making as much as $96,320 and some earning less than $45,630. Most RNs are clustered in California, San Francisco, San Jose, and Vallejo met areas.

ii. Information communication technologist


If you know anything about information communications technology or ICT, then you can sure get a job in America, Canada, Britain, India, or anywhere for that matter. ICT is the in-thing now and it drives the world. However, you must understand that there are many aspects to ICT and you may be specialized in any of these areas.

As a ICT professional, you may be a computer programmer, computer support specialist, computer systems administrator, database administrator, information security analyst, IT manager, software developer, web developer, network administrator, mobile apps developer, and a host of other things related to the computer world.

As an IT professional, you can expect to earn an average of $81,190 according to the US Labor Department, and the highest of $125,460 and the lowest of $50, 290. Most of these jobs are centered in Silicon Valley, Sioux City in Iowa, Bridgeport in Connecticut, and the District of Columbia.

iii. Home health aides


You can earn a great living working to care for the elderly and other incapacitated persons in their homes. This will be great for you if you can sweep floors, wash clothes, complete menial domestic chores, administer medications, patch cuts, and dress wounds, bathe sick patients, and generally care for the sick and the elderly.

“Many of our patients will think of their [home care aide] as the nurse that really cured them because he or she helped them do the things they needed to do to get well,” says Andrea Devoti, chairman of the National Association for Home Care & Hospice.

Working as a home care to cater for senior citizens provides a lower income compared to nursing or hospital care, but you can sure earn an average of $21,020 or approximately $10 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The highest paid in this job earn $29,480 and the lowest earn $16,690. This job is very common in Waterbury in Connecticut, Oakland in California, and Bismarck in North Dakota.

iv. School teacher


A Nigerian can always work as a school teacher anywhere in North America and Europe, and this means you can be an elementary school teacher, middle school teacher, or high school teacher. Elementary school teacher takes care of the kindergarten class and the playgroup section while a middle school teacher is equivalent to our own primary school here, and high school over there is our own secondary school here.

An elementary school teacher can expect to earn an average of $53,000 per year and a middle school teacher can look forward to about $65,000 while a high school teacher can be paid up to $85,000 per year.

v. Esthetician


Don’t be carried away by the word “esthetician,” it actually means a worker skilled in giving beauty treatments like manicures and facials among others. It is what we call a beautician here. If you know how to plait hair, cut nails, scrub faces, tan the skin, treat skin conditions, and generally bring out beauty in people, then you have a good job prospect anywhere in the world. And with thousands of beauty products and skin beauty companies in the US, you are good to go; and don’t forget you can set up your own beauty parlor and rake in a tidy sum of money from good clients, mostly ladies, women, and celebrities.

You must be able to do skin cleansing, skin exfoliation, wax and laser treatment, moisturizing, beauty make-up, remove unwanted hair, massaging, and whatever else in-between. You can be sure of earning about $28,930 on the average, and the highest of about $56,930 and the lowest of $17,480 in the industry. You can do this in Albuquerque in New Mexico, Little Rock in Arkansas, and Jefferson City in Missouri among other places.

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