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4 Jobs You Can Do Before And During NYSC


In Nigeria, after graduating from the University (particularly, public Universities), students have to wait a long time with the hope of being mobilized for the compulsory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). This leaves many wandering around the street for lack of something to do. In fact, most pre-NYSC graduates become poorer than during school days as the inflow of school allowance stops after graduation.

After graduation, what next?’ This question remains poorly answered in the minds of those concerned. Which  should not be so.

Even during NYSC year, most members are thrown at the mercy of government meager monthly allowance which, in most cases, is not sufficient to meet even the basic needs.

However, there are solutions to this in the form of flexible yet profitable jobs that can be taken up by pre-NYSC and NYSC members.

The following are my humble suggestions which you can add to for the benefit of others in the comment section below.

  1. Digital/Social Media Marketing Jobs
    irrespective of the distance of your NYSC posting, a digital/social media job is always available. All you need to do is ensure you have a multimedia phone with which you are able to surf the web. Also, ensure you search for such jobs online as the need for online marketers is increasing by the day. One interesting part of this job is that you can work virtual, that is, you don’t have to report at your employers office to handle the job.
  2. 2.Be an Online Freelance Writer
    If you have a major in English or if you write well, then internet gives plenty of opportunity to publish your work online. This not only boosts your portfolio but it will help you to earn some cold cash. Sign up at the freelance blogs, which posts the recent freelance job listings. You can write a blog on the niche of your interest. If you are a science major, then you can choose the technical blogs, if you are nutrition major, go for the health blogs. The best thing about this online job is that you can combine it with other jobs.
  3. 3. Online Tutorship
    If you excelled in the subject that you studied at the university, then you can help numerous other students out there, that too online. You can set the online tutoring services and charge a fee for each hour you spend in teaching the particular subject, one great thing about the online tutoring session is that, you just have to set a Skype chat to cater online tutoring services.
  4. Resume Writing Services
    You might have heard of the CV writing services. This is now a great source to earn money online. You can set your own hours, so that it does not interfere with other important activities. You can set an example by writing your own review and write the resume of your fellow mates to help them search part time jobs and work-study programs. Charge fee per resume or charge by the hour.

Finally, I recommend that you seize the many career opportunities  available online.


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