5 Obvious Reasons Why Lagosians Hate Using the Pedestrian Bridges

It is estimated that more than ,5000 new people come into Lagos daily and so there have been challenges to keep the city in shape and maintain its uniqueness.

AutoReportNG went around the city of Lagos to get a first-hand experience on why Lagosians don’t like using the pedestrian bridges despite all the resources the state government has put to use to make life easier for all users.

Here are some common reasons:

1. Lagosians are always in hurry

A popular song of the late music maestro, Fela Kuti says on Monday morning, Lagos has no time for nonsense. A detailed investigation has shown that Lagosians were always in hurry to get to their destination, therefore, they break all norms by crossing the expressway. We caught up with someone who crossed the Ojota expressway and asked him why he prefers crossing the road rather than using the bridge, according to him, using the bridge may take me 5-10 mins and I can cross the road within 2-3 mins I am done, so no time to waste time.

2. Health challenges

We have lots of road users and this is not restricted to age and gender, we noticed that among people who preferred crossing the highway are mostly the age, the old people who are between 60-80 years. For example the bridge at Onipanu area of Lagos is so high that even the youths find it difficult climbing the bridge as the steps are not properly separated, you have to rest a bit before you can continue, if youths are having this challenge, imagine someone that is sick and the elderly ones, they will rather prefer crossing the highway which is more dangerous


3. The fear of pickpockets/arm robbers

People have complained about the security issues of these bridges at night, take for example the bridges at CMS, Onipanu, Fadeyi at night, these bridges have become the hiding place for miscreants to steal and rob unsuspecting pedestrians thereby robbing them of their personal items. Many people have been robbed at night due to using these pedestrian bridges, valuables, documents, and many other things have been declared missing as well, nevertheless, this is not the best reason to risk your lives as well.

4. Poor/Aging bridges

Forget the happenings and the insecurity happening in the nation, Nigerians love life. One of the reasons people abandon the bridge and resort to crossing the highway is due to the rot and neglect of these bridges, take for example the bridges at YabaTech, Jibowu, and St. Agnes, it will take lots of courage or maybe they have to put a gun on your head before you can use these bridges. Most of them are already a death trap for users.

5. The bridges were too high

One of the major complains of the people is the height of the bridges, most bridges were constructed in a manner as if you were going to Mount Zion to see God’s face and this has to pose lots of issues to the users. Some ladies find it difficult using the bridges as they complain of back pains especially those on heels. Example of this bridge can be found at Lekki Phase 1, the company that constructed the bridge ought to be flogged.

In as much as these reasons may sound genuine, the safety of our lives remain paramount and remain the key thing, the government that provides these infrastructures made them available for humans and not for cows. Safety of life as life has no duplicate, let’s shun cross of high way and let’s start to use the pedestrian bridges.


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