5 Productivity Apps For University Students

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Undergraduates are often faced with the challenge of managing stress that comes with attending lectures, assignments deadlines, projects, examinations and even their social life.

Here are five mobile and web-based apps that can help boost your academic productivity and keep you well organised every semester.


As a note-taking app that takes a step further to synchronise your workflow on all your devices, Evernote allows students to seamlessly study and work on-the-go.

Students can also save formatted texts, voice memos, scanned handwritten notes, and web pages as notes on the app.

It is available both online and offline on iOS, Android, Microsoft Windows and macOS.

Google Drive

Google Drive allows you to multi-task and collaborate with others on group works or assignment. Its cloud storage also provides you with 15 gigabytes for free. You can edit formatted texts, spreadsheet, and slide presentation all from your Google Drive app.

Google Calendar

When you need a reminder for a test, assignment deadlines and maybe organise your reading habit, Google Calender is the app you should get.

Google Calender has a number of features that allows you schedule your school work, set reminders and consequently maximise your time.

It is available as a web-based app and on Android as well as iOS platforms.


Managing your online reading list can be a difficult task, but with Pocket, you can organise articles you read on the internet and study them at a more convenient time.

Saved articles are stored on users’ ‘Pocket list’ and can later be read offline.


If you ever get tired of reading lengthy texts, then you should consider Audible. It has a robust library focused on educational content.

With Audible, you can download recommended literature, source for additional school materials and listen to them on the go.


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