Here Are 5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Entering A New Relationship

Relationships are sometimes bound to fail. Venturing into a new relationship after a series of heartbreaks and disappointments can be very challenging. But guess what, you need to move on.

Learn one or two lessons from the previous relationship, try to fix it, then move on.

Easier said than done right? Though moving into a new relationship right after a heartbreak might be a tough one. You need to reflect on your dating habits first.

Here are five questions you need to ask yourself, before going into a new relationship.

1. Are you ready for a new relationship?

Do not start a new relationship because you feel empty and you need someone to fill the space. Relationships start with you. Are you mentally and physically ready to start a new relationship?

2. What went wrong in my previous relationship?

Highlight what went wrong in your previous relationship, your role in the failure of the relationship and what you could have done better. This would give you an insight of what to do and what not to do in the next relationship.

3. Are you over your ex?

Before you start a new relationship, you have to be sure you are way over your ex. Do not get into a new relationship because you want to get back at him. If you were in a sexual relationship, ask yourself if you are done with him sexually. Be sure you think of him less than before

4. What are your values?

In life, you need to know your values and be able to identify your wants and your needs. What is your watchword? What are the things you can tolerate? What are the things you can not tolerate?

5. What are you looking for in your new relationship?

What are the characteristics you want in the new relationship? Are you just going into a new relationship because you need to get back at your ex? Or you need a new relationship to


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