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5 Reasons Why Every Traveler Needs An Apple Watch

Travelling smart has been made easier with technology. There are so many downloadable travel apps as well as devices which every traveler  can use to make their vacation stress free. One of such devices is the Apple smart watch. This watch has some interesting features that  will be useful to any tech savvy person or anyone who wants to travel smart. Here are five reasons why every traveler needs an apple watch.

Catch a ride

Mobile taxi services now in nearly every country of the world, you can book or request a cab with your Apple watch in Lagos or wherever the service is available. The watch also provides you with information about the time your ride is expected to arrive, the name of your driver and the car’s plate number. And when the car eventually arrives, the watch immediately alerts you.

Helps in monitoring your home


Keeping your home safe is paramount for every traveler. You cannot employ a security guard to watch your home because you are travelling for a few days. You do not need to worry about this if you have your apple watch with you. It has an app from that can provide live camera feeds of your home, and it can also help you lock or unlock your door or open your garage even if you are miles away. Just enjoy your junketing.

Tour like a local

It is good to have a tour guide when you find yourself in a new city. But if you cannot get a tour guide as soon as possible, what will you do? You cannot be stuck to your hotel room because you cannot move around. But with the help of your apple watch, you have no problems finding your way. It has a watch map which makes it easy for you to walk through any street like a local.


Know the local currency

For quick conversions to the equivalent to the local currency of your destination, you can use the apple watch. Wherever you are buying Forex from, you can use your watch to make the conversions so that you will never be scammed. The most reliable app is the XE conversion app.

Offers you real-time flight updates

To get real-time flight updates on your apple watch, you must download the app of your favourite airline. many airlines have apps compatible with the apple watch that you can use to keep up-to-date with your flight status like time changes and delays.



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