5 Reasons Nigerians Are Denied Visa At Foreign Embassies

About 75% of Nigerians desire to travel abroad for different reasons; better standard of living, employment opportunities, and most especially, ‘in search of greener pastures’. To this end, every day, hundreds of Nigerians throng foreign embassies to apply for visas which in most cases they are turned down. However, quite a number of these visa seekers are refused for different reasons:

No Travel History
Yes, most embassies in Nigeria deny Nigerians the privilege of traveling abroad due to lack of, or low travel histories on their part. These embassies require a satisfactory report that visa applicants have visited several countries before applying to theirs. They would not want their own country as the first outing for applicants because it creates doubts, especially when the applicant has never traveled to any other country.

British High Commission Abuja.

Poor Interview Skills
Applicants are also rejected because of the kind of answers they give to test questions during interviews. For instance, when such question as “do you have a relation abroad?” are asked, most often, applicants are quick to say ‘yes’ , which of course is in order, but at the same time, such an answer brings about doubts to the mind of the consular officer. The consular officer may reason out that since the applicant has a relation abroad, there is a tendency the person may not want to return home.

American Embassy Abuja.

False Documents

In a desperate attempt to travel abroad, some visa applicants provide false documents to support and strengthen their application. Such documents as bank statements, Certificate Of Occupancy, and so on. In most cases, some of the unlucky ones get detected by the visa officer and eventually denied visa. Sometimes, the documents may get ceased and attract a travel ban into such a country for several years upon the applicant as a penalty for applying with fake documents.

Embassy Of Equatorial Guinea.

Insufficient Funds
Traveling abroad is such an expensive project that involves a lot of money. Expenses like air fares, accommodation abroad, feeding, Basic Traveling Allowance, etc have to be settled before departure. The foreign embassies which applicants intend applying to has to be convinced that the applicant has enough funds to take along and to sustain him/her throughout the stay abroad. To the end, a thorough check up will be carried out on the financial statement provided by the applicant, and if the consular officer is not satisfied with the available balance reflected on the bank statement, the applicant will definitely be denied entry visa.

Embassy Of France.

Lack of Home Ties
Applicants are expected to have ties in their home country as a part of the requirements for visa issuance by foreign embassies. These home ties can be in a form of land properties, a running business, marriage, family, and children. It gives the visa officer some level of trust that the applicant will surely return home at the end of the visit abroad to get back to his/her home ties.

Russian Embassy.

It is high time Nigerians realize that traveling abroad is not a matter of life and death. Several millions of Nigerians are equally happy at home; with their rich, easy, prosperous, and perk-filled life. If every Nigerian can build on this mindset, there may be no need of going through the stress associated with traveling abroad.


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