5 Reasons Why Nigerians Love Holidays

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Nigerians, old and young, love holiday seasons for its obvious perks: getting away from work, spending time with friends and family, and exchanging gifts.

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Festivals and Carnivals

Christmas and New Year usher in a number of religious, cultural and social celebrations among billions of people around the world, and Nigeria does not miss out on celebrations like these.

From the Calabar carnival and CarniRiv to the Igue festival in Benin and the War Dance in the eastern parts on the country, these festivals add flavor to the celebrations, making it utterly exciting for people from all parts of the nation.


The yuletide season comes with deals and increased promotions encouraging consumers to buy more, however it is the red and white signs promoting sales discounts at stores that immediately catch the eye.

Shops from Mango to Mr. Price, as well as online stores like Jovago, all offer great discounts of up to 50% OFF goods and services. The most exciting sales for the season, aside from the Black Friday, begins after Boxing Day and it’s an opportunity to get great gifts for everyone before the New Year rolls in.



The food

Although Nigerians do not have traditional meals for Christmas like most western countries do, African delicacies are still consumed more in immense proportions during this period than at any other time of the year.

From breakfast to dinner, Nigerians seize the opportunity to let go and indulge themselves completely in a bid to satiate their long held appetite. It is also during this time that family and friends from all over the world gather with happy chatter and laughter to fill the air.

The fireworks

What is a holiday without fireworks?! The sparklers are a popular addition to the razzmatazz, and it highlights the magic of the season. Every typical Nigerian has had the immense pleasure of tossing Christmas fireworks, generally known as ‘knock-out’ or banger’, in the air in celebration.

Although fireworks need to be handled with care, many throw caution to the wind especially on Christmas eve as they enjoy the lights and rush of adrenaline that comes with it. In some families, it has become an age-long tradition.



There are certain events that only happen during Christmas and a favorite among the many, is Rhythm Unplugged, an annual event which holds in Victoria Island at a center opposite the Maison Fahrenheit Hotel.

There are also Christmas carol programmes held by churches such as DayStar Christian Centre and House on the Rock giving everyone somewhere endearing to go and something fun to do.

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